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  1. 14,815 downloads
    specdown (0.5.1) Write your specs as if they were a README, then EXECUTE them.
  2. 797 downloads
    spec_durr (0.0.2) The dumbest-thing-that-could-work for pretty-printing a directory of specs that can't print thems...
  3. 492 downloads
    speci (0.1) Continiusly rspec runner
  4. 1,048 downloads
    special_agent (0.1.3) Parse and process User Agents like a secret one
  5. 300 downloads
    specialcharacterchecker (0.0.1) Checks if the string contains special characters
  6. 304 downloads
    special_char_remover (0.0.1) Gem to remove special characters from your string.
  7. 1,424 downloads
    special_delivery (1.0.0) Use Bundler's rake tasks to release to your geminabox server.
  8. 1,109 downloads
    special-delivery (0.1.2) Special Delivery is a Rails engine that enables powerful and easy-to-use callbacks in response to...
  9. 2,195 downloads
    special_fried_links (2.0.0) Extend Rails link_to with a cool CRUD based dsl.
  10. 395 downloads
    specialk (0.1.0) Make me fabulous
  11. 1,976 downloads
    specific (0.0.4) Write your usecases with gherkin.
  12. 1,222 downloads
    specific_assets (0.1.0) Adds a couple of class and instance methods to controllers and views that help you load assets
  13. 171,555 downloads
    specific_install (0.2.11) rubygems plugin that allows you you to install a gem from from its github repository (like 'edge'...
  14. 1,137 downloads
    specifind (0.1.1) Specifind offers advanced ActiveRecord dynamic find_by_* methods that include comparators (like t...
  15. 379 downloads
    specify (0.3.0) Specify is a test framework that is designed to treat testing as a design activity by al...
  16. 479,544 downloads
    specinfra (2.4.0) Common layer for serverspec and itamae
  17. 3,749 downloads
    specistent (0.0.3) This rubygem does not have a description or summary.
  18. 60,702 downloads
    specjour (0.7.0) Specjour splits your RSpec suite across multiple machines, and multiple cores per machine...
  19. 2,134 downloads
    spec-js (0.1.0.beta.3) Spec.js is a testing framework built on top of Mozilla Rhino and Env.js. The idea is that you can...
  20. 734 downloads
    speck (1) An (extremely light) source-code literate code-specification and -testing system. (see: spark, sl...
  21. 565 downloads
    speck_gem (1.0.0) A simple ruby web framework
  22. 11,521 downloads
    speckle (0.2.0) Behaviour driven framework for testing vim scripts written in Riml
  23. 869 downloads
    specks (0.2.1) Small application to manage your dot-files
  24. 5,037 downloads
    spec_marker (0.0.3) Mark the timestamp of RSpec example starts/ends, and log other stuff for profiling
  25. 634 downloads
    SpecMe (0.0.1) Generating rspecs from ruby code blocks in README files
  26. 135 downloads
    spec-me-maybe (1.0.0) Adds the `maybe` syntax to RSpec: describe Thing do it 'is maybe equal to another thin...
  27. 2,404 downloads
    spec-more (0.0.4) very terse syntax for testing/specing ala Test::More
  28. 5,291 downloads
    spec_oompa_loompa (0.1.3) Spec helpers
  29. 1,000 downloads
    spec_query (0.0.1) This is a small utility to query specs for Ruby on Rails projects
  30. 6,189 downloads
    specrun (0.0.5) Specrun is designed as a simple script that will iterate through your rpsec tests, run each test ...