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  1. 1,268 downloads
    splendeo-nifty-generators (0.3.2) A fork of ryanb's nifty-generators, with i18n and blueprint.
  2. 2,331 downloads
    splendeo_translator (1.0.1) Translator makes using Rails internationalization simpler
  3. 234 downloads
    splendid (0.0.1) Want to test if a webpage looks as expected? Use splendid in your tests to make sure styles are n...
  4. 12,366 downloads
    splib (1.4.3) The spox library contains various useful tools to help you in your day to day life. Like a trusty...
  5. 2,872 downloads
    splice (0.5) A simple way to manage Linux server configurations.
  6. 1,370 downloads
    Splice (0.0.0) GUI library
  7. 5,129 downloads
    splicer (2.1.0) Splicer allows communication with one or more dns providers
  8. 5,596 downloads
    splicer-dns_made_easy (2.1.1) The splicer adapter for interacting DnsMadeEasy
  9. 6,061 downloads
    splicer-dynect (2.1.0) The splicer adapter for interacting Dynect
  10. 2,684 downloads
    splicer-no_op_provider (2.1.0) A No-Op provider that can be used for testing
  11. 2,584 downloads
    spline (0.1.2) Hi
  12. 7,672 downloads
    spliner (1.0.6) Simple library to perform cubic spline interpolation based on key X,Y values
  13. 12,778 downloads
    splinter (0.2.0) Splinter is a Capybara Ninja
  14. 191,112 downloads
    split (0.7.2) Rack based split testing framework
  15. 10,919 downloads
    split-analytics (0.4.0) Split extension to push test data to google analytics
  16. 1,930 downloads
    split_bills (0.0.5) A gem which provides tools for splitting bills
  17. 1,100 downloads
    split_cacheable (1.0.3) An extension to Split to allow for automatic cache bucket creation accross Split tests.
  18. 1,689 downloads
    split_cat (0.1.0) This framework allows you to assign anonymous users to experiments with goals and weighted hy...
  19. 1,966 downloads
    splitcsv (0.1.4) This gem splits a CSV file into multiple CSV files, based on a maximum length you can specify
  20. 1,310 downloads
    split_datetime (0.0.1) Adds accessors to a class so that the date can be set as a string while minutes and hours can...
  21. 527 downloads
    split_date_time (1.0.1) Allows DateTime fields to be split into a Date field and a Time field.
  22. 4,800 downloads
    split-export (0.3.0) Split extension to export your data
  23. 308 downloads
    split_into (1.2) SplitInto is a micro API whose sole purpose is to split an integer into equal or roughly equal pa...
  24. 1,793 downloads
    Split_Lines (1.0.0) A function that splits a string into an Array of stripped, non-empty lines: Strip_...
  25. 2,983 downloads
    split_logger (2.0.0) This gem let's you write to multiple log destinations at the same time.
  26. 1,439 downloads
    split-mongoid (0.1.0) A Mongoid Persistence Layer for Split
  27. 472 downloads
    split_name (0.0.1) The library used to split first_name and last_name from full name
  28. 332 downloads
    split_off (1.0.0) A method to split off a part a hash
  29. 6,139 downloads
    split_pgdump (0.4.0) split_pgdump aimed to produce set of small sorted files from one big dump file.
  30. 1,908 downloads
    splitter (0.0.2) Split xml files into smaller pieces.