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  1. 370 downloads
    sperm (0.1.1) Sperm is a random permutations generator based on the ideas of group theory that allows you to ge...
  2. 9,750 downloads
    spex (0.7.2) An easy-to-use test harness that runs assertions before and after and executable is run
  3. 14,983 downloads
    spf (0.0.43) An object-oriented Ruby implementation of the Sender Policy Framework (SPF) e-mail sender...
  4. 1,024 downloads
    spf2 (0.0.3) Native libspf2 basic wrapper
  5. 11,400 downloads
    spfy (1.0.0) Spfy is a simple command-line tool for generating XSPF playlists from metadata stored in several ...
  6. 115 downloads
    spg (0.0.1) Simple Password Generator
  7. 9,543 downloads
    sphere (0.2.0) Rails asset packer and compressor. Supports Compass, built (primarily) to be used with Heroku & A...
  8. 2,455 downloads
    spherebird (0.0.3) Twitter-OAuth Sign On System on Rails
  9. 9,231 downloads
    sphere-cli (0.7.2) Command Line Interface (CLI) to the SPHERE.IO ecommerce platform.
  10. 3,326 downloads
    sphero (1.5.2) A ruby gem for controlling your Sphero ball. Sends commands over the TTY provided by the bluetoo...
  11. 2,623 downloads
    Sphincter (1.1.0) Sphincter uses Dmytro Shteflyuk's sphinx Ruby API and automatic configuration to make totally rad...
  12. 29,553 downloads
    sphinx ( An easy interface to Sphinx standalone full-text search engine. It is implemented as plugin for R...
  13. 1,456 downloads
    sphinxcrawl (0.0.2) Simple command to crawl a site and process html into a sphinx xmlstream
  14. 3,715 downloads
    sphinx_for_dm (0.0.3) Acts_as_sphinx for DataMapper
  15. 9,331 downloads
    sphinxsearchlogic (0.9.3) Searchlogic provides common named scopes and object based searching for ActiveRecord.
  16. 3,503 downloads
    sphinx_tv (0.9.5) SphinxTV is an installer/configurator for MythTV (and others) for OSX
  17. 10,749 downloads
    sphonglepress (0.0.14) Sphonglepress is a command line utility for interacting with & making the task of importing conte...
  18. 167 downloads
    spicasax-qa-util (0.0.2) Useful scripts that I've written or enhanced.
  19. 42,920 downloads
    spice (1.0.6) Spice is a zesty Chef API wrapper. Its primary purpose is to let you easily integrate your apps w...
  20. 95,162 downloads
    spice-html5-rails (0.1.4) Spice HTML5 client packed for Rails application
  21. 2,320 downloads
    spiceinit (0.0.2) spiceinit - add spices to your rubies
  22. 199 downloads
    spicerack (0.0.1) Ruby bindings for the Rackspace Cloud API.
  23. 29,152 downloads
    spiceweasel (2.6.0) Provides a CLI tool for generating knife commands to build Chef-managed infrastructure from a sim...
  24. 167 downloads
    spiceworks-openx (1.0.0) A Ruby interface to the OpenX XML-RPC API.
  25. 1,146 downloads
    spicon (0.1.0) Cool feature that makes any element on your Rails application spin on mouseover.
  26. 167 downloads
    spicycode-aasm (2.0.0) AASM is a continuation of the acts as state machine rails plugin, built for plain Ruby objects.
  27. 1,832 downloads
    spicycode-beholder (3.0.0) beholder
  28. 629 downloads
    spicycode-hardcore_forking_action (4.0.2) You see son, when a man loves a woman, he really wants his test suite to run as fast as possible.
  29. 462 downloads
    spicycode-inspector (0.3.0) The Inspector
  30. 7,887 downloads
    spicycode-micronaut (0.3.0) An excellent replacement for the wheel...