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  1. 934 downloads
    sql_logic (0.0.1) Inspired from SearchLogic, but lighter and focused in sql sentence generation.
  2. 434 downloads
    sql-maker (0.0.3) SQL Builder for Ruby. Ruby port of perl's SQL::Maker.
  3. 2,603 downloads
    sql_mapper (1.0.2) ActiveRecord extension that provides large performance improvements when you need large sets of r...
  4. 968 downloads
    sql_munger (0.0.7) SQL manipulation without a db connection
  5. 11,543 downloads
    sql_origin (1.1.0) Ever wonder where a SQL query comes from? This gem lets you add abbreviated backtraces to those q...
  6. 4,370 downloads
    sql_output (1.0.0) Print SQL statements generated by ActiveRecord in Rails console
  7. 1,620 downloads
    sql_pager (0.2.1) Description of SqlPager.
  8. 2,988 downloads
    sql_paradise (0.0.20) This library is called sql_paradise.
  9. 1,728 downloads
    sql_parser (0.0.1) A Ruby SQL parser based on Treetop.
  10. 399 downloads
    sql-parser (0.0.2) A Racc-based Ruby parser and generator for SQL statements
  11. 2,388 downloads
    sqlpostgres (1.3.0) A mini-language for building and executing SQL statements against a postgresql database. This is...
  12. 4,202 downloads
    sql_queries_count (0.0.1) Adds info about number of sql queries done during request to your rails logs.
  13. 2,584 downloads
    sql_query_executor (0.3.7) Gem to run SQL like queries on array of hashes or similar objects
  14. 8,169 downloads
    sql_record (1.0.5) Do you use ActiveRecord::Connection.execute for speed sometimes? Does it bother you that the resu...
  15. 177 downloads
    sql-rewriter (0.0.1) Ruby library for SQL injection and re-writing in ActiveRecord
  16. 2,059 downloads
    sql_safety_net (2.0.0) Debug SQL statements in ActiveRecord by displaying warnings on bad queries.
  17. 144 downloads
    sql_search_n_sort (1.01) A gem that allows for simple SQL-based search and sort functionality
  18. 589 downloads
    sql_search_parser (0.0.4) Simple SQL search conditions parser (where clause)
  19. 1,649 downloads
    sqlserver (0.0.1) An simple SQL Server Library
  20. 4,071 downloads
    sql_server (0.1.1) Uses ole to interact with the Mocrosoft ADO objects and interface with Microsft SQL Server.
  21. 1,607 downloads
    sqlserver-foreigner (0.0.2) Add sqlserver support to foreigner
  22. 1,855 downloads
    sqlserver-schema-reflector (0.0.2) Analyzing any SqlServer database and produce a sql script for replicating the database
  23. 4,763 downloads
    SqlStatement (2.0) A library for generating arbitrary SQL statements using convenient Ruby objects.
  24. 11,246 downloads
    sqlstmt (0.1.23) build SQL statements in a modular fashion, one piece at a time; only used/tested with MySQL so far
  25. 3,077 downloads
    sql_tagger (0.0.3) sql_tagger inserts stack trace comments into SQL queries.
  26. 1,015 downloads
    sql_tasks (0.0.1) Uses built-in mysql commands for dumping/loading of plain text fixtures and schema.
  27. 1,033 downloads
    sqltestrunner (0.0.2) runs sqltests for CBS Testing environment
  28. 10,981 downloads
    sql_tree (0.2.0) The library can parse an SQL query (a string) to represent the query using a syntax tree,...
  29. 15,862 downloads
    sqlup (0.0.13) The author was too lazy to write a description
  30. 913 downloads
    sql_values (0.1.0) Retrieve SQL values using Active Record query interface but without instantiation of AR-objects