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  1. 1,554 downloads
    static-data (0.3.0) Rails plugin to manage static data in ActiveRecord models/tables
  2. 413 downloads
    static_deploy (0.0.1) Automated deployment to GitHub pages
  3. 1,663 downloads
    static_docs (0.2.1) Static pages can be created, stored and edited as files. Then they can be imported into DB of you...
  4. 186 downloads
    static_errors (1.0.0) Saves dynamic pages as a static error file
  5. 4,866 downloads
    static_fm (0.0.6) It's time consuming to look up the URLs to your favorite javascript libraries and css frameworks ...
  6. 920 downloads
    staticfy (0.0.1) This gem provides a simple tool to make a full online website into a static one. This can be usef...
  7. 970 downloads
    static_generator (0.0.3) Crawl a site with 'clean-URLs' and generate a files and folders from it. Example: the URL /page w...
  8. 843 downloads
    static_geocode_lookup (1.0.0) Simple wrapper for an AWK Script to lookup US Geocodes from a static spreadsheet.
  9. 4,366 downloads
    static-gmaps (0.0.3) == DESCRIPTION: Provides an interface to the Google Static Maps API. == FEATURES/PROBLEMS: * P...
  10. 3,775 downloads
    static-gmaps2 (0.0.6) == DESCRIPTION: Provides an interface to the Google Static Maps API V3. Based on static-gmaps ...
  11. 1,200 downloads
    static-gmaps-v3 (0.0.5) Provides an interface to the Google Static Maps API v3.
  12. 842 downloads
    staticify (0.1.1) Tool for staticly caching Ruby web applications (based on Rack::Staticifier)
  13. 687 downloads
    static_image_download (0.1.0) Get all pictures from URL gem
  14. 3,781 downloads
    staticise (0.6.5) Static site generator using Haml and Coffescript
  15. 392 downloads
    staticizer (0.0.3) A tool to create a static version of a website for hosting on S3. Can be used to create a cheap e...
  16. 3,999 downloads
    staticker (0.0.5) This gem contains a mountable engine that will allow rails applications to use static pages
  17. 3,131 downloads
    static_list (0.2.2) In your application you may want to handle things in your User model like sex (female, male)...
  18. 457 downloads
    staticman (0.0.1) Staticman build static pages, e.g. errors, about, contact, and it's very easy, fast, programable
  19. 2,296 downloads
    static_map (0.1.2) Google Static Map API with Ruby
  20. 293 downloads
    static_maps (0.0.1) ["Static Google Maps v2 API"]
  21. 50,724 downloads
    staticmatic (0.11.1) Lightweight Static Site Framework
  22. 8,641 downloads
    staticmatic2 (2.1.8) StaticMatic helps you quickly create maintainable Amazon S3 static websites using tools s...
  23. 698 downloads
    staticme (0.2.0) Staticme allows you to run tiny webserver just in any folder you like to serve your static files
  24. 38,663 downloads
    static_model (1.0.4) StaticModel provides a Base class much like ActiveRecord which supports reading from a YAML file ...
  25. 3,862 downloads
    static-model (1.1.2) A base non–database-backed model for Rails.
  26. 848 downloads
    statico (0.0.1) Ad-hoc HTTP Server for static files
  27. 4,232 downloads
    static_pages (0.0.5) plugin for sharing static content in a configurable folder
  28. 10,554 downloads
    staticpress (0.7.1) Staticpress is a blog-focused static site generator. It uses Tilt for rendering nearly any templa...
  29. 1,974 downloads
    static_record (0.0.3) StaticRecord provides you with the preloading schema-free objects from Yaml to OpenStruct that yo...
  30. 1,954 downloads
    static_record_cache (0.2.0) Permanently caches subclasses of ActiveRecord in memory.