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  1. 535 downloads
    square-charger (0.0.1) Calculate amount to charge customers to ensure you get the amount owed after Square takes their f...
  2. 2,279 downloads
    squarecoder (0.0.2) A library to encode and decode strings using the square code encryption method.
  3. 4,123 downloads
    square_graph (1.1.0) A dimensionable graph that acts kinda like a grid. You can fill in spots with objects and then it...
  4. 28,366 downloads
    square-hoptoad_notifier (2.4.8) Send your application errors to our hosted service and reclaim your inbox.
  5. 4,724 downloads
    squarepusher (0.0.8) downloads photos from flickr
  6. 1,177 downloads
    squarespace-sync (0.0.3) Sync files to and from a Squarespace Developer site over SFTP
  7. 13,396 downloads
    square_speech_balloon (0.0.55) This software is a SpeechBalloon plugin for PettanR
  8. 8,394 downloads
    squash (0.0.8) This gem generates scaffold for Squashes - stand-alone Cucumber applications to test web apps. Se...
  9. 1,264 downloads
    squasher (0.1.4) Squash your old migrations
  10. 4,128 downloads
    squash_ios_symbolicator (1.1.1) This gem includes a library that imports dwarfdump symbolications, and a binary that uploads the ...
  11. 4,723 downloads
    squash_java (1.0.3) This gem includes a library that imports yGuard or ProGuard rename logs, and a binary that upload...
  12. 17,393 downloads
    squash_javascript (2.0.5) This client library records exceptions in front-end JavaScript code to Squash.
  13. 1,006 downloads
    squash_migrations (0.0.1) Squash migrations
  14. 68,474 downloads
    squash_rails (1.3.3) This client library records Ruby on Rails exceptions to Squash.
  15. 93,182 downloads
    squash_ruby (1.4.0) This client library records Ruby exceptions to Squash.
  16. 16,208 downloads
    squash_uploader (1.0.1) Shared library amongst all gems relating to Squash that handles communication with a Squash install.
  17. 1,198 downloads
    squat (0.0.1) i am waiting to upload this
  18. 1,869 downloads
    squatch (0.5.0) It's going to relate to sass, and I think I know what I want it to do...
  19. 5,541 downloads
    squawk (1.0.4) Get a feel for what's happening in your app with protected tweets
  20. 1,262 downloads
    squeal (1.0.0) Simple object instantiation recorder.
  21. 10,630 downloads
    squealer (2.2.2) A Ruby DSL for exporting MongoDB to MySQL or PostgreSQL. You don't need to install both, just one...
  22. 488 downloads
    squee-book (0.0.1) A simple way of producing structured content for online and print publishing
  23. 2,822 downloads
    squeegee (0.1.2) A collection of strategies to get bill dates and amounts from a growing range of accounts.
  24. 616,568 downloads
    squeel (1.2.1) Squeel unlocks the power of Arel in your Rails application with a handy block-based ...
  25. 1,885 downloads
    squeel_rbg (0.8.3) Squeel unlocks the power of ARel in your Rails 3 application with a handy block-base...
  26. 7,046 downloads
    squeese (0.2.3) A job queueing and background workers system using SQS. Inspired by the Stalker gem.
  27. 2,595 downloads
    squeeze (0.2.0) Tools for working with nested data structures in Ruby
  28. 1,284 downloads
    SqueezeBox (0.0.1) A Web Framework Without Fur or Limestone
  29. 6,976 downloads
    squeezem (0.1.6) List pngs or jpgs which are bigger than they need to be. Can optionally compress them, but is des...
  30. 8,334 downloads
    squeezer (0.2.1) an appliaction ready to run