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  1. 888 downloads
    spree_cpf (2.1.7) Spree extension that adds CPF to address field
  2. 825 downloads
    spree_crux (1.1.0) Crux enables creation of separate On-Line store for paid registered users.
  3. 862 downloads
    spree_custom_api (1.1.0) spree_custom_api is a complete open source e-commerce solution built with Ruby on Rails. It was o...
  4. 1,261 downloads
    spree_custom_notifications (0.5) Display Custom notifications on Spree Store
  5. 173,699 downloads
    spree_dash (2.0.2) Required dependency for Spree
  6. 7,120 downloads
    spree_delayed_job (1.0.0) Spree extension for delayed_job gem
  7. 481 downloads
    spree_delivery_date (1.3.3) Adds a delivery date field in the delivery section of the checkout. Allows admin to view that del...
  8. 6,670 downloads
    spree_delivery_options (2.2.11) Adds delivery date and time during checkout
  9. 1,288 downloads
    spree_delivery_time (0.2.2) Adds a delivery time field in the delivery section of the checkout. Allows admin and order owner ...
  10. 243 downloads
    spree_delivery_time_range (0.0.2) Allows admin to define time ranges for orders delivery so users can select when they want their o...
  11. 2,030 downloads
    spree_deprecated_user_agents (0.2.0) Deprecate IE6 (and eventually other ancient browsers)
  12. 28,060 downloads
    spreedly (2.0.11) The Spreedly gem provides a convenient Ruby wrapper for the Spreedly API.
  13. 6,478 downloads
    spreedly_core (0.1.3) Ruby API for Spreedly Core
  14. 25,022 downloads
    spreedly-core-ruby (0.3.0) Spreedly is a cloud service that allows you to store credit cards and run transactions against th...
  15. 1,986 downloads
    spreedly_subscriptions (2.0.3) This gem provides a convenient Ruby wrapper for the Spreedly Subscriptions API.
  16. 913 downloads
    spree_downloads (1.0.1) Manage downloads and download categories in the admin
  17. 1,660 downloads
    spree_dwolla (1.0.3) Adds Dwolla as a Payment Method to Spree
  18. 4,700 downloads
    spree_dynamic_sitemaps (0.50.1) Google sitemap for Spree stores
  19. 8,015 downloads
    spree_easy_contact ( Simple contact form manager for Spree
  20. 1,089 downloads
    spree_ebsin (2.1.0) Adds Ebsin Payment Method option in admin, which can be enabled for payments using Ebsin(http://w...
  21. 15,028 downloads
    spree_editor (0.70.0) Atm supported: YUIRichEditor, WYMEditor, TinyMCE
  22. 3,293 downloads
    spree_email_to_friend (1.0.0) Spree extension to send product recommendations to friends
  23. 1,003 downloads
    spree_embedded_videos (0.1.0) This extension uses oembed to support a variety of video services, such as YouTube, Vimeo, Bright...
  24. 2,104 downloads
    spree_enhanced_option_types (0.50.0) This extension enchances spree functionality when handling products with numerous and complex var...
  25. 1,637 downloads
    spree-enriquez (0.9.4) The most flexible commerce platform available - designed from the ground up to be as open and ext...
  26. 217 downloads
    spree_erp_variants (0.1.0) Admin can manage Maker Variant informations "Product Code(13 digits within)", "Stock" to associat...
  27. 1,600 downloads
    spree_essential_blog (0.1.0) Spree Essential Blog is a blog plugin for Spree sites equipped with spree_essentials.
  28. 7,099 downloads
    spree_essential_cms (0.4.0) SpreeEssentialCms is a full featured content management system for Spree Commerce. It's designed ...
  29. 1,648 downloads
    spree_essential_menus (0.2.3) Add menu customization for Spree. It's designed to be used with the spree_essentials base.
  30. 1,651 downloads
    spree_essential_press (0.2.0) Spree Essential Press was designed with spree_essentials in mind but can be used without.