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  1. 25,009 downloads
    split-analytics (0.4.0) Split extension to push test data to google analytics
  2. 2,112 downloads
    split_bills (0.0.5) A gem which provides tools for splitting bills
  3. 1,330 downloads
    split_cacheable (1.0.3) An extension to Split to allow for automatic cache bucket creation accross Split tests.
  4. 1,844 downloads
    split_cat (0.1.0) This framework allows you to assign anonymous users to experiments with goals and weighted hy...
  5. 161 downloads
    split-counters (0.3.0) This gem adds counters to Split
  6. 2,098 downloads
    splitcsv (0.1.4) This gem splits a CSV file into multiple CSV files, based on a maximum length you can specify
  7. 1,371 downloads
    split_datetime (0.0.1) Adds accessors to a class so that the date can be set as a string while minutes and hours can...
  8. 649 downloads
    split_date_time (1.0.1) Allows DateTime fields to be split into a Date field and a Time field.
  9. 5,097 downloads
    split-export (0.3.0) Split extension to export your data
  10. 380 downloads
    split_into (1.2) SplitInto is a micro API whose sole purpose is to split an integer into equal or roughly equal pa...
  11. 1,858 downloads
    Split_Lines (1.0.0) A function that splits a string into an Array of stripped, non-empty lines: Strip_...
  12. 3,093 downloads
    split_logger (2.0.0) This gem let's you write to multiple log destinations at the same time.
  13. 1,687 downloads
    split-mongoid (0.1.0) A Mongoid Persistence Layer for Split
  14. 505 downloads
    split_name (0.0.1) The library used to split first_name and last_name from full name
  15. 368 downloads
    split_off (1.0.0) A method to split off a part a hash
  16. 6,346 downloads
    split_pgdump (0.4.0) split_pgdump aimed to produce set of small sorted files from one big dump file.
  17. 1,962 downloads
    splitter (0.0.2) Split xml files into smaller pieces.
  18. 3,194 downloads
    split_tester (0.5) Split Tester provides support for A/B Split testing your pages with integration into Google Analy...
  19. 280 downloads
    split_time (0.0.2) Split time into largest chunks
  20. 2,873 downloads
    splittingred (0.2.1) Shaun McCormick's resume in gem form
  21. 335 downloads
    split_video (0.1.0) Split video files without transcoding them using FFmpeg
  22. 1,229 downloads
    split-where (0.0.3) split_where is the best split for specific situations, such as when a character is withi...
  23. 338 downloads
    split_with_character (0.0.2) Allows you split a string, but keep the character the string is split by.
  24. 2,329 downloads
    sploder (1.3.1) Sploder lets you work with S3 buckets from the command line
  25. 3,495 downloads
    sploek (0.1.3) Auto run specs, flog, reek
  26. 1,241 downloads
    splog (0.0.4) Parse any log file with yml defined regex rules
  27. 1,312 downloads
    sploit (1.0.0) Grab and eval Ruby code via HTTP. You don't care about security, right? This gem is Dr. Nic's fa...
  28. 1,968 downloads
    sploitdb (0.0.4) CLI for
  29. 2,386 downloads
    splot (0.5.6) Run any test from any file from any project. When using Test::Unit, specify an individual test by...
  30. 38,916 downloads
    splunk-client (0.10.0) splunk-client is a simple Ruby library for interfacing with Splunk's REST API. It is API 5 compat...