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  1. 3,665 downloads
    spreadsheet_cache_manager_refi (0.1.2) speed up repetitive reading of spreadsheet files by creating sqlite caches
  2. 992 downloads
    spreadsheet_db-cache_refi (0.0.0) cache reads from spreadsheet files in a sqilte db
  3. 980 downloads
    spreadsheet_db_refi (0.0.0) store spreadsheet data in a sqilte db
  4. 25,572 downloads
    spreadsheet-excel ( Creates Excel documents on any platform
  5. 985 downloads
    spreadsheet_export_refi (0.0.0) create documents with instructions in spreadsheets
  6. 1,047 downloads
    spreadsheetkit ( Create XLSs using HTML+CSS. The objective is the same of PDKKit, but for spreadsheets.
  7. 1,006 downloads
    spreadsheet_manager_refi (0.0.0) the spreadsheet files are not reopened when reading them again
  8. 536 downloads
    spreadsheet-martica ( As of version 0.6.0, only Microsoft Excel compatible spreadsheets are supported
  9. 1,009 downloads
    SpreadsheetML (0.1) A VERY simple Ruby SpreadsheetML API
  10. 1,244 downloads
    spreadsheet_on_rails (1.0.0) A gem to generate xls documents by using rxls templates.
  11. 602 downloads
    spreadsheet_rails (0.1.0) Use spreadsheet views in Rails 3
  12. 4,014 downloads
    spreadsheet_report (0.0.6) Simple tool for running queries against ActiveRecord and putting them into a Google Spreadsheet.
  13. 4,138 downloads
    spreadsheet_template (1.0.2) Excel Spreadsheet template handler for Rails. Enables :format => 'xls' in controllers, with templ...
  14. 5,005 downloads
    spreadsheetx (0.2.2) Using an existing xlsx file as a template, it allows you to modify cell values and add rows and c...
  15. 1,165 downloads
    spreadshirt_client (0.0.7) Communicate with the spreadshirt API using a DSL similar to the one of RestClient
  16. 4,247 downloads
    spreadshoot (0.0.6) Create XLSX files from scratch using Ruby
  17. 2,178 downloads
    spreadskos (0.0.5) Convert vocabularies created in a spreadsheet template to SKOS.
  18. 297,918 downloads
    spree (2.3.3) Spree is an open source e-commerce framework for Ruby on Rails. Join us on the spree-user google...
  19. 1,405 downloads
    spree_abandoned_cart_email (0.0.3) Abandoned cart email
  20. 2,417 downloads
    spree_account_recurring (1.1.4) Spree extension to manage recurring payments/subscriptions using Stripe Payment Gateway.
  21. 2,648 downloads
    spree_active_sale (2.0.0) Spree Active Sale makes it easy to handle flash sale/ daily deals behavior with in a spree applic...
  22. 1,937 downloads
    spree_active_shipping (1.0.0) Spree extension for providing shipping methods that wrap the active_shipping plugin.
  23. 2,200 downloads
    spree_additional_calculators (0.1.1) Allows to calculate shipping costs based on total item weigh and quantity in the order
  24. 539 downloads
    spree_add_on_menu (0.1.1) Just Adds "ADD ON MENUS" to admin_tabs."ADD ON MENUS" simply shows a blank Index page titled "MAS...
  25. 11,766 downloads
    spree_address_book (1.1.0) Adds address book for users to Spree
  26. 1,152 downloads
    spree_admin_roles_and_access (1.2.1) Dynamically defines roles and grants it permissions
  27. 370 downloads
    spree_admin_tab (2.1.4) Control the visibility of admin tabs by adding an extra param
  28. 1,007 downloads
    spree_advanced_calculators (0.0.1) Allows advanced calculators such as weight etc to be applied on shipping methods
  29. 1,032 downloads
    spree_advanced_cart (0.40.0) Cart with several useful additions for Spree
  30. 696 downloads
    spree_advanced_reporting (2.1.0) Adds many useful reports, with PDF and CSV output, to Spree