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  1. 820 downloads
    spree_sort_payment_methods (2.1.2) Allow to sort payments method from backend
  2. 1,842 downloads
    spree_sort_products (2.0.0) Spree Sort Products extends the ability of a taxon on its products to be sorted from the web inte...
  3. 6,152 downloads
    spree_special_offers (1.1.4) Adds old prices to variants
  4. 450 downloads
    spree_sphinx_search (0.30.0.beta1) Search for Spree via Sphinx.
  5. 239 downloads
    spree-split-payments (1.0.0) Provides the feature for a Spree store to allow user to club payment methods to pay for the order
  6. 767 downloads
    spree_states (0.0.1) Provides states seed data for use in Spree.
  7. 17,052 downloads
    spree_static_content (1.0.1) Extention to manage the static pages for your Spree shop.
  8. 1,809 downloads
    spree_stock_email (0.0.4) Send an email when a product is in stock.
  9. 216 downloads
    spree_stock_notifications (2.2.0) Notifies when stock levels are low or item goes out of stock
  10. 4,096 downloads
    spree_store_credits (1.0.2) Provides store credits for a Spree store.
  11. 1,537 downloads
    spree_sunspot (1.0.0) Use Sunspot as search engine in Spree applications
  12. 337 downloads
    spree_supplier (0.0.2) This gem provide ability to add suppliers and associate them to products.
  13. 7,125 downloads
    spree_suppliers (1.0.4) This gem (spree extension) provides support for multiple suppliers in one store. Products should ...
  14. 728 downloads
    spree_swatches (1.2.0) Use Bootswatch themes for your spree site
  15. 4,246 downloads
    spreet (0.0.3) Spr[eadsh]eet handler for CSV(RW), Excel CSV(RW) and ODS(W). The goal is to read and write in man...
  16. 235 downloads
    spree_tax_cloud (2.1.0) Spree extension for providing Tax Cloud services in USA.
  17. 2,145 downloads
    spree_taxonomy_published (1.2.1) Adds a boolean published field to taxonomies so that you can decide which taxonomies to display
  18. 2,172 downloads
    spree_taxonomy_purpose (1.2.1) Sets up purposes for taxonomies, should be used in conjunction with other purpose gems
  19. 3,353 downloads
    spree_taxonomy_purpose_menu (1.2.3) Creates a mega menu based on a single taxonomy taxon structure
  20. 1,435 downloads
    spree_taxonomy_sort (1.2.0) Displays taxon sort field as text box in admin
  21. 1,438 downloads
    spree_taxonomy_style (1.2.0) Adds stlye field to taxonomies
  22. 4,555 downloads
    spree_temando (0.3.1) Adds temando shipping support to Spree
  23. 2,156 downloads
    spree_terms_and_conditions (2.2.2) Add terms and conditions checkbox in delivery stage of checkout
  24. 3,227 downloads
    spree_testimonials (3.0.4) With this gem you get management tools to make it very easy to update your testimonials thru the ...
  25. 469 downloads
    spree_textacular_search (0.0.1) Lets search with textacular!
  26. 1,152 downloads
    spree_unified_payment (1.1.1) Enable spree store to allow payment via UnifiedPayment
  27. 21,739 downloads
    spree_usa_epay (1.0.2) Payment Method for USA ePay SOAP Webservice
  28. 1,986 downloads
    spree_user_groups (0.40.1) Provides opportunity to add some rules for calculation price depending on the user group
  29. 7,970 downloads
    spree_variant_options (0.4.1) Spree Variant Options is a simple spree extension that replaces the radio-button variant selectio...
  30. 1,078 downloads
    spree_videos (0.0.1) Allows videos (Youtube) to be added on products