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  1. 53,490 downloads
    staticmatic (0.11.1) Lightweight Static Site Framework
  2. 9,632 downloads
    staticmatic2 (2.1.8) StaticMatic helps you quickly create maintainable Amazon S3 static websites using tools s...
  3. 1,017 downloads
    staticme (0.3.0) Staticme allows you to run tiny webserver just in any folder you like to serve your static files
  4. 47,543 downloads
    static_model (1.0.4) StaticModel provides a Base class much like ActiveRecord which supports reading from a YAML file ...
  5. 4,197 downloads
    static-model (1.1.2) A base non–database-backed model for Rails.
  6. 929 downloads
    statico (0.0.1) Ad-hoc HTTP Server for static files
  7. 4,555 downloads
    static_pages (0.0.5) plugin for sharing static content in a configurable folder
  8. 11,715 downloads
    staticpress (0.7.1) Staticpress is a blog-focused static site generator. It uses Tilt for rendering nearly any templa...
  9. 2,225 downloads
    static_record (0.0.3) StaticRecord provides you with the preloading schema-free objects from Yaml to OpenStruct that yo...
  10. 2,045 downloads
    static_record_cache (0.2.0) Permanently caches subclasses of ActiveRecord in memory.
  11. 2,589 downloads
    static_resource (1.0.1) Leverages the XML parsing of ActiveResource into objects without making any network calls by read...
  12. 1,846 downloads
    static_server (0.0.2) A simple way to provide static files using rack
  13. 635 downloads
    static_signature (0.0.1) Rack Middleware for adding query string cache busting signatures on script and style assets
  14. 3,505 downloads
    static_sitemap_tasks (0.4) Rake tasks to manage sitemap.xml generation for static sites
  15. 777 downloads
    static_source_loc (1.0.1) Locate module, class, or method defs by name in a project tree.
  16. 747 downloads
    static_struct (0.0.3) This library allows the creation of immutable objects from a hash.
  17. 571 downloads
    static_stuff (0.1.0) File based static pages for Rails
  18. 5,508 downloads
    static_sync (0.1.8) Command line tool for uploading static websites to amazon/rackspace.
  19. 414 downloads
    static_uid (0.0.1) Generates static and readable UIDs
  20. 911 downloads
    static_watcher (0.2.0) Watches for changes and compiles Haml, Sass, Scss, and Coffeescript
  21. 1,289 downloads
    staticweb (0.2.0) Staticweb is a command line static webpage generation tool
  22. 3,117 downloads
    statify (0.1.3) Pop this gem in your rails >= 3 application. This gem will utilize statsd and easily track basic...
  23. 1,616 downloads
    statikaj (0.0.5) Statikaj is simple tool to create statikaj blogs.
  24. 1,301 downloads
    station (0.0.0) I like Rails but I also hate Rails, and sometimes I'm not making a web-app, and yet I still need ...
  25. 1,264 downloads
    stationary (0.0.1) Configurable Rails Engine For Serving Static Pages
  26. 988 downloads
    stationed (0.4.0) Stationed is an extensive Rails application generator, providing you with a starter app full stan...
  27. 403 downloads
    statistical_array (1.0.0) Perform statistical analysis on a custom array class that doesn't actually inherit from Array. Pr...
  28. 8,836 downloads
    statistics (1.0.0) An ActiveRecord gem that makes it easier to do reporting.
  29. 127,650 downloads
    statistics2 (0.54) Statistics2 is a module that provides normal, Chi-square, t- and F- probability distributions for...
  30. 774 downloads
    stativus (0.0.1) Stativus provides a way to define state in a client facing application. It is a port of the stat...