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  1. 296 downloads
    string-stats-ca (0.1.0) This gem adds analysis method word_count to the String class.
  2. 308 downloads
    string-stats-cks (0.1.0) Adds analysis methods to the String class.
  3. 296 downloads
    string-stats-dc (0.1.0) Adds analysis method of word count and more
  4. 312 downloads
    string-stats-df (0.1.0) Adds analysis methods of word_count and more to the String class.
  5. 304 downloads
    string-stats-es (0.1.0) Adds analysis methods of word_count and more to the String class.
  6. 304 downloads
    string-stats-mc (0.1.0) Adds analysis methods of word_count and more to the Gem.
  7. 307 downloads
    string-stats-mf (0.1.0) Adds analysis methods of word_count and more to the string_class
  8. 307 downloads
    string-stats-rh (0.1.0) Adds analysis methods to String class.
  9. 303 downloads
    string-stats-rp (0.1.0) Adds analysis methods of word_count and more to the String class.
  10. 301 downloads
    string-stats-tc (2.0.0) It adds to the string class and gives you string statistics stuff
  11. 5,348 downloads
    string-strtr (0.0.3) The method 'strtr' for Ruby known from PHP as a direct method under the String-class.
  12. 3,007 downloads
    string_stubber (0.0.5) StringStubber allows you to truncate Strings, while preserving whole-words.
  13. 970 downloads
    strings_updater (0.1.2) A simple hello world gem
  14. 470 downloads
    string-surgeon (1.0.0) String Surgeon is the ruby gem to gracefully cut open a string having hyperlinks, #hashtags and @...
  15. 516 downloads
    string_telugu (0.0.1) The library opens up the String class and adds a method writesize, which returns the size of the ...
  16. 859 downloads
    string_tensions (0.0.2) Calculator for musical strings tensions
  17. 1,202 downloads
    string-to (0.0.1) This package installs method_missing handler to String class which handles to_xxxx_xxxx message t...
  18. 583 downloads
    string-to-bool (0.0.1) "to_bool" for the String-class in Ruby.
  19. 4,262 downloads
    string_to_editor (0.0.3) Send ruby strings to your editor or a file
  20. 403 downloads
    string_to_large_number (1.3) Handy conversions for finance numbers to floats
  21. 2,440 downloads
    string_to_pinyin (1.1.0) Adds a 'to_pinyin' method to Ruby's String class to convert Simplified Chinese characters to Hany...
  22. 898 downloads
    string_to_point (0.1.0) very basic geocoding, returns a Point model from a string
  23. 906 downloads
    string_to_sha1 (1.0.0) This gem add a facility method to easily convert existing string to SHA1 hash.
  24. 823 downloads
    stringtrain (0.0.1) A handly DSL for creating conditionally formatted strings.
  25. 2,529 downloads
    stringub-commons (0.0.3) This library borned from the early versions of string_utility_belt gem, this gem adds new common ...
  26. 2,260 downloads
    stringup (0.3.0) An easy-to-use test harness that runs assertions before and after and executable is run
  27. 1,332 downloads
    stringup-puppet (0.0.2) A simple tool to help manage workstations with Puppet
  28. 3,060 downloads
    string-urlize (1.0.2) Extends ruby "String" class with "urlize" method which converts string to friendly url. It remove...
  29. 1,708 downloads
    string_utf8 (0.1.1) Convert a string's encoding to utf8, whithout caring which encoding used before converting.
  30. 573 downloads
    string-utf8mb4strip (0.0.1) A library used for removing utf8mb4 stuff from a string. Typically used to remove this stuff befo...