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  1. 1,574 downloads
    stripe-cli (1.2.0) a git-style cli, offering instant access to all of the Stripe API right from the console. Wit...
  2. 56,360 downloads
    stripe_event (1.1.0) Stripe webhook integration for Rails applications.
  3. 2,504 downloads
    stripe_local (0.2.5) A RailsEngine offering local, synchronous access to Stripe Api resources as ActiveRecord classes
  4. 1,942 downloads
    stripe_rails (0.0.3) Stripe Rails was built on top of the official stripe gem to bring ease of use of stripe in your m...
  5. 8,709 downloads
    stripe-rails (0.2.6) A gem to integrate stripe into your rails app
  6. 18,995 downloads
    stripe-ruby-mock ( A drop-in library to test stripe without hitting their servers
  7. 3,548 downloads
    stripe_tester (0.1.0) Test Stripe webhooks locally
  8. 1,134 downloads
    stripmem (0.0.3) Stripchart memory usage
  9. 1,418 downloads
    strip_params (0.0.1) Usage: before_filter :strip_params; def strip_params; StripParams.all!(params); end
  10. 1,410 downloads
    stripper (2.0.3) Stripper is a Ruby on Rails plugin that removes leading and trailing blanks from attribute values...
  11. 175 downloads
    stripper-rails (0.0.1) An utility which provides a class method `strip_fields`. It accepts list of fields and removes le...
  12. 389 downloads
    strippy (0.1.0) A documentation stripping tool for Ruby.
  13. 14,508 downloads
    striuct (0.4.4) Struct++ library. --- Validatable, Inheritable, Member Aliasing, Conflict Management, Defau...
  14. 3,129 downloads
    strmask (0.3.2) String::Mask provides a kind-of string algebra useful for manipulating strings in comparitive way...
  15. 21,403 downloads
    strobe (0.3.11) The client library for deploying applications to Strobe's HTML5 deployment platform
  16. 768 downloads
    strobogrammatic (0.1.1) A simple gem to determine if a number is strobogrammatic
  17. 3,948 downloads
    strockets (0.3.3) Use Stitch allong with Sprockets
  18. 3,522 downloads
    strokedb ( StrokeDB is an embeddable, distributed, document-based database written in Ruby. It is schema-fre...
  19. 3,267 downloads
    strokes (0.9.2) Generates PNG images of barcodes. Currently supports EAN8, EAN13, QR-Code, ISBN, CODE39, CODE128,...
  20. 152 downloads
    strolljs-rails (0.0.1) A collection of CSS list scroll effects. Works in browsers with support for CSS 3D transforms inc...
  21. 846 downloads
    strong_attributes (0.0.2) strong_attributes provides a strong_parameters-style permit interface using a wrapper around your...
  22. 66,722 downloads
    strongbox (0.7.0) Strongbox provides Public Key Encryption for ActiveRecord. By using a public key sensitiv...
  23. 1,601 downloads
    strongboxio (0.2.1) Decrypt and read files. This is a combination gem and command-line utility.
  24. 1,078 downloads
    strong_concerns (0.0.3) Gem **strong_concerns** is technically helping you to create concerns in a right way, minimizing ...
  25. 1,390 downloads
    stronger_parameters (1.0.2) Type checking and type casting of parameters for Action Pack
  26. 1,062 downloads
    strongly_typed (0.0.2) Simple type validation for plain ruby object attributes that perform conversions whenever possible.
  27. 391 downloads
    strongly_typed_parameters (0.0.1) Whitelist and typecheck your parameters at the controller level
  28. 683,498 downloads
    strong_parameters (0.2.3) Permitted and required parameters for Action Pack
  29. 499 downloads
    strong_parameters_dsl (0.0.2) Provides a light DSL for defining strong parameters in Rails controllers
  30. 5,595 downloads
    strong_parameters_rails2 (0.1.9) Permitted and required parameters for Action Pack