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  1. 17,569 downloads
    spy (0.4.1) A simple modern mocking library that uses the spy pattern and checks method's existence and arity.
  2. 2,406 downloads
    spyglass ( OpenCV in ruby, made simple.
  3. 5,227 downloads
    spymemcached (0.3.0-java) A jruby-only memcached client and rails cache store that uses spymemcached under the hood.
  4. 1,329 downloads
    spyou_rpx_now (0.6.6) Helper to simplify RPX Now user login/creation
  5. 2,492 downloads
    spy-satelite (0.0.2) A rack middlewear that watches incoming requests and pushes data (via pusher) so that they can be...
  6. 9,631 downloads
    spy-vs-spy (0.0.8) Rack middleware to detect and provide more detail on the requesting user agent edit
  7. 5,328 downloads
    Spy-Vs-Spy (0.0.5) Rack middleware to detect and provide more detail on the requesting user agent edit
  8. 1,829 downloads
    sq (0.1.3) Download all PDFs linked in a Web page
  9. 789 downloads
    sqale (0.0.1) Write a gem description
  10. 11,479 downloads
    sq_auth (0.0.30) Gem for authenticaiton by third-party server. Integrates in Sinatra and Rails.
  11. 5,310 downloads
    sq-dbsync (1.0.10) Column based, timestamp replication of MySQL and Postgres databases.
  12. 2,438 downloads
    sqew (0.2.0) a lightweight background processor
  13. 2,533 downloads
    sql (0.0.1) SQL Parser and Generator
  14. 4,537 downloads
    sql2avro (0.5.1) sql2avro extracts data from a specified SQL database table and transforms it into an Avro file wi...
  15. 17,352 downloads
    sqlanywhere (0.1.6) SQL Anywhere Driver for Ruby
  16. 2,395 downloads
    sqlanywhere-ffi (1.0.3) This library is meant to be compatible with the sqlanywhere gem. The only difference shou...
  17. 2,881 downloads
    sqlconsole (0.0.0) This gem eliminates the need to switch back and forth between dbconsole and console. Within conso...
  18. 131 downloads
    sqlconstructor (0.1) A gem for constructing custom SQL queries via an object-oriented interface
  19. 2,530 downloads
    sqld4r (0.0.2) The sqld4r is model generator for SQLDesigner(
  20. 1,370 downloads
    SQLDependencyGrapher (1.0.0) Graphs table dependencies based on usage from SQL logs
  21. 1,671 downloads
    sql_dep_graph (1.0.0) Graphs table dependencies based on usage from SQL logs
  22. 19,739 downloads
    sqldroid (0.3.0) SQLDroid is a JDBC driver for Android's sqlite database (android.database.sqlite.SQLiteDatabase).
  23. 18,199 downloads
    sqldsl (1.4.6) A DSL for creating SQL Statements
  24. 3,506 downloads
    sqldump (0.0.4) A command line tool to generate SQL insert or update statements from the data in a database.
  25. 1,513 downloads
    SQL_Dump (1.0.3) Calls the MySQL gem and generates a MySQL dump file
  26. 89 downloads
    sqler (0.9.0.beta1) Sqler is a CLI tool for running sql scripts to look at data in the terminal. You can run sql file...
  27. 2,099 downloads
    sqlfinder (1.0.1) sqlfinder finds SQL statements in log or trace files. With command line options, users indicate w...
  28. 970 downloads
    sql_formatter_web_interface (1.0.0) SQL formatter web interface - Web interface for SQL formatting
  29. 1,154 downloads
    sql_funk (0.0.1) This gem lets you use SQL functions that behaves differently depending on the database adapter th...
  30. 1,437 downloads
    sql_helper (0.1.1) A simplistic SQL generator