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  1. 39,681 downloads
    spud_cms (1.0.2) Spud CMS is a full-featured light weight modular cms engine as a part of the spud suite of rails ...
  2. 46,862 downloads
    spud_core (1.0.6) Spud Core Engine
  3. 349 downloads
    spud_events (0.9.0) Spud events engine
  4. 11,336 downloads
    spud_inquiries (1.0.1) This gem allows you to build forms for user submission and can send email notifications when a fo...
  5. 673 downloads
    spud_markdown (1.0.1) Adds the Markdown renderer to Spud.
  6. 11,498 downloads
    spud_media (1.0.1) Spud Media allows you to upload files to your site and manage them in the spud administrative pan...
  7. 6,020 downloads
    spud_permalinks (1.0.0) This gem creates a polymorphic attachable model that can be used to store historical information ...
  8. 10,843 downloads
    spud_photos (0.9.4) Spud Photos is a feature complete photo management/gallery for the spud engine. Manage multiple g...
  9. 3,084 downloads
    spud_reports (0.0.6) Allows management of RGhost reports as well as remote print jobs.
  10. 5,113 downloads
    spud_search (0.9.0) Spud Search is a base search interface for use on spud core
  11. 5,231 downloads
    spud_videos (1.0.1) This is a basic vide management admin tool for spud. Useful for allowing customers to add videos ...
  12. 3,212 downloads
    spunk (0.1.2) A simple little IRCbot framework. Uses IOC pattern for defining parsers.
  13. 1,101 downloads
    spunkmeyer (0.0.5) extracts cookies from browser databases.
  14. 1,166 downloads
    spurious (0.2.3) Spurious is a cli tool that interacts with the spurious server
  15. 854 downloads
    spurious-ruby-awssdk-helper (0.1.3) Helper gem for configuring the AWS ruby SDK with spurious details
  16. 1,665 downloads
    spurious-server (0.3.1) The server component that the spurious cli client connects to
  17. 6,063 downloads
    spurs (0.0.5) Helpers and extensions for the Twitter Bootstrap user interface
  18. 161 downloads
    spurton-dm-rest-adapter (0.9.12) A RESTful adapter for DataMapper.
  19. 1,988 downloads
    sputnik (0.2) Connects to MongoHQ API
  20. 776 downloads
    sputnik1 (0.0.1) manage your sputnik profile
  21. 1,399 downloads
    spwn (0.1.2) Spwn is a small tool for producing random files and directories for testing purposes
  22. 842 downloads
    spx-resque-multi-job-forks (0.3.2) When your resque jobs are frequent and fast, the overhead of forking and running your after_fork ...
  23. 18,345 downloads
    spy (0.4.1) A simple modern mocking library that uses the spy pattern and checks method's existence and arity.
  24. 2,505 downloads
    spyglass ( OpenCV in ruby, made simple.
  25. 5,308 downloads
    spymemcached (0.3.0-java) A jruby-only memcached client and rails cache store that uses spymemcached under the hood.
  26. 1,344 downloads
    spyou_rpx_now (0.6.6) Helper to simplify RPX Now user login/creation
  27. 2,522 downloads
    spy-satelite (0.0.2) A rack middlewear that watches incoming requests and pushes data (via pusher) so that they can be...
  28. 9,736 downloads
    spy-vs-spy (0.0.8) Rack middleware to detect and provide more detail on the requesting user agent edit
  29. 5,363 downloads
    Spy-Vs-Spy (0.0.5) Rack middleware to detect and provide more detail on the requesting user agent edit
  30. 1,925 downloads
    sq (0.1.3) Download all PDFs linked in a Web page