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  1. 9,743 downloads
    ssh-forever (0.2.3) Provides a replacement for the SSH command which automatically copies your public key while loggi...
  2. 1,233 downloads
    ssh-gemspec (1.0.0) Ruby wrapper for ssh
  3. 3,344 downloads
    ssh_guard (0.0.4) It protects your server from ssh password guessing bots.
  4. 618 downloads
    sshhub (0.0.2) sshhub is an easy way to get ssh keys authorized on your public server
  5. 1,285 downloads
    sshingler-calais (0.0.9) A Ruby interface to the Calais Web Service
  6. 463 downloads
    sshingler-jkl (0.0.6) Jkl is a Ruby library for dealing with information overload.
  7. 190,597 downloads
    sshkey (1.6.1) Generate private/public SSH keypairs using pure Ruby
  8. 17,978 downloads
    sshkeyauth (0.0.11) Use your ssh keys (and your ssh agent) to sign and verify messages
  9. 1,235 downloads
    sshkeyproof (0.2) Ruby gem to prove client has the other half of a keypair
  10. 1,351 downloads
    ssh-keyput (0.4.0) The easy to remember way to upload a public key for ssh
  11. 1,391 downloads
    ssh-keys (0.1.0) Read SSH Keys, check they are valid, read fingerprints
  12. 4,712 downloads
    ssh-key-sync-man (0.2.0) Manage all your servers' auto login ssh-keys. One-command-line adding or removing any ssh-key for...
  13. 3,965 downloads
    sshkg (0.2.2) A wrapper over ssh-keygen for rubyists
  14. 610,131 downloads
    sshkit (1.5.1) A comprehensive toolkit for remotely running commands in a structured manner on groups of servers.
  15. 1,688 downloads
    sshkit-custom-dsl (0.0.10) Exchanges original sshkit dsl against a custom dsl. This DSL does not change the scope of the blo...
  16. 582 downloads
    ssh-kit-formatter (1.0.0) Ssh kit formatter with hostname
  17. 1,811 downloads
    ssh-locate (0.1.0) A CLI tool and its associated Ruby library that help you locate and reconnect to a running SSH ag...
  18. 2,540 downloads
    sshotgun (1.0.5) A lib for writing server management scripts in Ruby. Useful for managing lots of servers.
  19. 944 downloads
    sshp (0.0.2) SSHP - Let's Pablo memorize your ssh credentials
  20. 5,186 downloads
    ssh_runner (0.0.7) run scripts over ssh
  21. 264 downloads
    ssh-shell (0.4.2) A simple library to aid with stateful shell interactions
  22. 892 downloads
    ssh_test (0.0.1) Test if we can make a successfull ssh connection
  23. 3,253 downloads
    ssh_voodoo (0.0.4) Ruby script to help with the task of running commands on remote machines via ssh. It supports pas...
  24. 757 downloads
    sshwitch (0.0.2) Manage different sets of keys in your home folder
  25. 3,314 downloads
    sshwrap (0.0.3) This provides a wrapper for ssh that execute a command on multiple machines, optionally in parall...
  26. 4,316 downloads
    ssh-wrapper (1.0.3) Ruby wrapper for ssh
  27. 724 downloads
    sshx (0.2.0) Extended ssh command to use multi ssh_config, namespace and command completion.
  28. 1,129 downloads
    ssi (0.0.2) A script which interpolates server-side includes for HTML files
  29. 1,915 downloads
    ssickles-tire (0.4.4) Tire is a Ruby client for the ElasticSearch search engine/database. It provides Ruby-like ...
  30. 7,966 downloads
    ssimsort (0.2.7) Sort images easily by their similarity