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  1. 762 downloads
    sql_search_parser (0.0.4) Simple SQL search conditions parser (where clause)
  2. 2,612 downloads
    sqlserver (0.0.1) An simple SQL Server Library
  3. 4,299 downloads
    sql_server (0.1.1) Uses ole to interact with the Mocrosoft ADO objects and interface with Microsft SQL Server.
  4. 2,037 downloads
    sqlserver-foreigner (0.0.2) Add sqlserver support to foreigner
  5. 1,959 downloads
    sqlserver-schema-reflector (0.0.2) Analyzing any SqlServer database and produce a sql script for replicating the database
  6. 4,973 downloads
    SqlStatement (2.0) A library for generating arbitrary SQL statements using convenient Ruby objects.
  7. 12,469 downloads
    sqlstmt (0.1.23) build SQL statements in a modular fashion, one piece at a time; only used/tested with MySQL so far
  8. 3,350 downloads
    sql_tagger (0.0.3) sql_tagger inserts stack trace comments into SQL queries.
  9. 1,074 downloads
    sql_tasks (0.0.1) Uses built-in mysql commands for dumping/loading of plain text fixtures and schema.
  10. 1,140 downloads
    sqltestrunner (0.0.2) runs sqltests for CBS Testing environment
  11. 12,737 downloads
    sql_tree (0.2.0) The library can parse an SQL query (a string) to represent the query using a syntax tree,...
  12. 16,517 downloads
    sqlup (0.0.13) The author was too lazy to write a description
  13. 978 downloads
    sql_values (0.1.0) Retrieve SQL values using Active Record query interface but without instantiation of AR-objects
  14. 3,855 downloads
    sql_wrangler (1.0.0) Makes it easier to deal with SQL queries and handle their results. You can see how it works by l...
  15. 1,308 downloads
    sqlyzer (0.1) Sqlyzer is a Ruby Mixin able to store, load, update and delete Ruby objects and their relationshi...
  16. 909 downloads
    sqoop-ruby (0.0.1) Simple Ruby wrapper for Sqoop JDBC <-> HDFS import/export tool
  17. 1,793 downloads
    sqoot (1.0.0) Wrapper for Sqoot API. Using FaradayMiddleware
  18. 5,143 downloads
    sqrbl (0.2.0) SQrbL was created to help manage an extremely specific problem: managing SQL-based database conv...
  19. 451 downloads
    sqrl (0.0.0) A ruby gem for the SQRL authentication system described by Steve Gibson of
  20. 4,651 downloads
    sqs (0.1.2) Simple Queue Service accessing library
  21. 19,616 downloads
    SQS (0.1.7) SQS is a Ruby interface to Amazon's Simple Queue Service. SQS uses the Query API, exposing all th...
  22. 5,685 downloads
    sqs_async (0.0.7) A simple library that leverages Event Machine to issue requests to the Amazon SQS service while b...
  23. 227 downloads
    sqs_bunny (0.0.2) Polls a single SQS queue and copies the body of any messages to a configurable set of child queue...
  24. 1,979 downloads
    sqser (0.3.0) Library to queue and execute jobs via AWS SQS
  25. 548 downloads
    sqs_image_processor (0.1.4) Write a longer description. Optional.
  26. 79 downloads
    sqs-job (1.0.0) Simple job processing library which uses SQS.
  27. 1,754 downloads
    sqskiq (0.0.4) Sidekiq-like Ruby background processing using Amazon SQS
  28. 1,965 downloads
    sqspoller (0.0.3) An Amazon SQS poller that can be configured to perform actions upon receiving SQS messages
  29. 1,879 downloads
    sqs-queue-locator (0.0.2) Amazon SQS queue names need to be unique at the account level. This gem implements a simple namin...
  30. 8,761 downloads
    sqsrun (0.6.1) Generic Worker Executor Service for Amazon SQS