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  1. 247 downloads
    ssh_bro (0.0.1) Load SSH config from a Google Doc.
  2. 299 downloads
    sshcoin (0.0.1) Decentralized hosting for autonomous applications
  3. 5,986 downloads
    ssh-config (0.1.3) Ssh-Config, a tool that lets you quickly add, update, remove, and copy ssh config file entries.
  4. 1,247 downloads
    ssh-copy-id.rb (0.1.1) ssh-copy-id in Ruby. Supports copying to multiple servers.
  5. 657 downloads
    sshd_config (0.1.0) SSHDConfig helps you to configure OpenSSH via command line or API
  6. 1,771 downloads
    sshelper (0.1.2) Small application that helps you to automate mundane, remote tasks
  7. 559 downloads
    sshenc (0.0.1) sshenc will make encrypted file by using ssh public key.
  8. 2,248 downloads
    ssherman-mongo_mapper (0.8.6) A Ruby Object Mapper for Mongo
  9. 675 downloads
    ssherman-sysloglogger (0.1.0) wrapper around syslog that's rails friendly. Forked and added ability to set options
  10. 637 downloads
    ssh-exec (0.1.1) A library allowing to execute commands over SSH using Net::SSH
  11. 1,481 downloads
    sshexpect (0.0.2) This is a module for using expect and ssh for automation.
  12. 981 downloads
    ssh-fingerprint (0.0.3) Generate a fingerprint given an SSH public key (without `ssh-keygen` or external dependencies)
  13. 9,816 downloads
    ssh-forever (0.2.3) Provides a replacement for the SSH command which automatically copies your public key while loggi...
  14. 1,248 downloads
    ssh-gemspec (1.0.0) Ruby wrapper for ssh
  15. 3,378 downloads
    ssh_guard (0.0.4) It protects your server from ssh password guessing bots.
  16. 646 downloads
    sshhub (0.0.2) sshhub is an easy way to get ssh keys authorized on your public server
  17. 1,301 downloads
    sshingler-calais (0.0.9) A Ruby interface to the Calais Web Service
  18. 554 downloads
    sshingler-jkl (0.0.6) Jkl is a Ruby library for dealing with information overload.
  19. 200,394 downloads
    sshkey (1.6.1) Generate private/public SSH keypairs using pure Ruby
  20. 18,787 downloads
    sshkeyauth (0.0.11) Use your ssh keys (and your ssh agent) to sign and verify messages
  21. 1,257 downloads
    sshkeyproof (0.2) Ruby gem to prove client has the other half of a keypair
  22. 1,370 downloads
    ssh-keyput (0.4.0) The easy to remember way to upload a public key for ssh
  23. 1,409 downloads
    ssh-keys (0.1.0) Read SSH Keys, check they are valid, read fingerprints
  24. 4,772 downloads
    ssh-key-sync-man (0.2.0) Manage all your servers' auto login ssh-keys. One-command-line adding or removing any ssh-key for...
  25. 4,007 downloads
    sshkg (0.2.2) A wrapper over ssh-keygen for rubyists
  26. 674,428 downloads
    sshkit (1.5.1) A comprehensive toolkit for remotely running commands in a structured manner on groups of servers.
  27. 1,817 downloads
    sshkit-custom-dsl (0.0.10) Exchanges original sshkit dsl against a custom dsl. This DSL does not change the scope of the blo...
  28. 607 downloads
    ssh-kit-formatter (1.0.0) Ssh kit formatter with hostname
  29. 1,834 downloads
    ssh-locate (0.1.0) A CLI tool and its associated Ruby library that help you locate and reconnect to a running SSH ag...
  30. 2,566 downloads
    sshotgun (1.0.5) A lib for writing server management scripts in Ruby. Useful for managing lots of servers.