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  1. 1,653 downloads
    superauther (0.0.2) superauther is a tiny ruby script that generates passwords for websites that don't need to be sav...
  2. 685 downloads
    super_awesome_resource_serializer (1.0.5) Quickly create custom serializations for resources rather than relying on the generated ones.
  3. 38 downloads
    superb (1.0.0) A supERB template helper for ERB!
  4. 7,663 downloads
    superbolt (0.5.7) Superbolt is comprised of a standalone app, and a queue-like queue for sending messages between s...
  5. 75 downloads
    superbolt-future (0.1.0) Perform superbolt tasks at a later time; timed job queues for the cloud
  6. 428 downloads
    superbolt-http (0.0.2) An easy http interface for RabbitMQ
  7. 931 downloads
    super_cache (0.0.2) A simple caching middleware for rails
  8. 1,233 downloads
    SuperCaller (1.0.0) SuperCaller adds a beefed-up version of Kernel#caller and a beefed up version of Exception#backtr...
  9. 2,442 downloads
    supercharged (2.2.0) MVC solution for charges in rails
  10. 774 downloads
    supercharger (0.0.1) This rubygem does not have a description or summary.
  11. 123 downloads
    superclass_delegating_accessor (0.0.1) A Ruby utility that defines both class and instance accessors for class attributes. Creates priva...
  12. 1,727 downloads
    superclass_hash (0.0.2) Hash that would return values that has been assigned to keys that are superclasses of asked key
  13. 2,811 downloads
    superconductor (0.0.4) Build your Ruby on Rails application from your Ruby on Rails application!
  14. 1,178 downloads
    super_crud (0.1.0) This is a admin system abstraction to get you up and running faster
  15. 834 downloads
    super_deduper (0.0.6) "Checks an array of strings against records in the specified table & column. It's a super-deee-du...
  16. 8,119 downloads
    superdupe (1.1.0) SuperDupe is a fork of the originally Dupe and rides on top of ActiveResource to allow you to cuk...
  17. 643 downloads
    super_duper_string (0.2.0) Completely useless gem
  18. 5,147 downloads
    super-ebs-pruner-9000 (1.2.1) Thins EBS volume snapshots.
  19. 34,492 downloads
    super_exception_notifier (3.1.0) Allows customization of: * Specify which level of notification you would like with an array of op...
  20. 2,093 downloads
    superfeedee (0.1.1) Simply subscribe & unsubscribe to resources with PubSubHubBub / Superfeedr.
  21. 6,292 downloads
    superfeedr-blather (0.2.2) You get some patches for Blather and some classes that wrap the stuff you want from Superfeedr (e...
  22. 2,509 downloads
    superfeedr-em-mysql (0.4.1) Async MySQL client API for Ruby/EventMachine
  23. 14,022 downloads
    superfeedr-em-redis (0.3.7) An eventmachine-based implementation of the Redis protocol
  24. 1,346 downloads
    superfeedr-nokogiri ( Nokogiri (鋸) is an HTML, XML, SAX, and Reader parser. Among Nokogiri's many features is the abil...
  25. 3,617 downloads
    superfeedr-rb (0.2.0) A ruby library based on Blather for Superfeedr
  26. 7,503 downloads
    superfeedr-ruby (0.5.0) Ruby Client for the Superfeedr
  27. 3,890 downloads
    superfeedr-sax-machine (0.0.23) Declarative SAX Parsing with Nokogiri
  28. 1,199 downloads
    super_finder (0.0.1) TextMate's "cmd-T" functionality in a web app
  29. 1,732 downloads
    superfish-rails ( Gemify Superfish jquery plugin for rails asset pipeline
  30. 339 downloads
    super_form (0.1.0) Super Form adopts the concept of forms and fields, making it easy to define fields containing bun...