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  1. 6,031 downloads
    stamina-gui (0.6.1) Stamina-gui provides a web-based graphical interface for Stamina.
  2. 5,955 downloads
    stamina-induction (0.6.1) Stamina-induction plugs induction algorithm to the stamina toolkit.
  3. 333,751 downloads
    stamp (0.6.0) Format dates and times based on human-friendly examples, not arcane strftime directives.
  4. 2,902 downloads
    stampable (0.0.3) Stamp any ActiveRecord model with last created/updated by
  5. 595 downloads
    stampede (0.0.1) Stampede makes dealing with application-related emails easier.
  6. 1,042 downloads
    stamper (0.1.1) Prepends a blurb of text to any files you specify while respecting a list of includes and exclude...
  7. 2,894 downloads
    stamp-i18n (0.2.0) Little plugin for 'stamp' gem. It uses I18n locale files to customize date and time stamps.
  8. 3,959 downloads
    stamps (0.5.0) Stamps is backed library for creating postage labels, calculate the shipping cost of p...
  9. 4,759 downloads
    standalone (0.5.0) Ruby standard library implementation with no dependencies.
  10. 88,742 downloads
    standalone_migrations (2.1.5) A thin wrapper to use Rails Migrations in non Rails projects
  11. 17,420 downloads
    standalone_typograf (3.0.2) Standalone (offline) client of the ArtLebedev's Studio Typograf service. http://typograf.herokuap...
  12. 2,391 downloads
    standalone_validator (0.2.2) A library for creating PORO validators that are composable and can be used with ActiveRec...
  13. 4,887 downloads
    standard_deviation (1.0.3) An implementation of the standard deviation calculation in C, with much ...
  14. 3,419 downloads
    standard_tasks (0.2.1) A set of standard tasks for various clean-up and housekeeping jobs
  15. 961 downloads
    standin (0.0.1) A rails engine for creating dummy pages as "standins" without the needs for routes or controllers.
  16. 3,053 downloads
    standings (0.2.4) View European football/soccer standings from your terminal. Currently supports Premier League, Sc...
  17. 163 downloads
    Stands4 (1.0.0) A Ruby gem for accessing Stands4 API
  18. 897 downloads
    stands4_geocoder (0.0.1) Use the Stands4 geocoding service to reverse geocode a latitude/longitude coordinate
  19. 89,724 downloads
    standup (0.6.9) Standup is an application deployment and infrastructure management tool for Rails and Amazon EC2
  20. 21,678 downloads
    stanford-core-nlp (0.5.1) High-level Ruby bindings to the Stanford CoreNLP package, a set natural language processing too...
  21. 20,060 downloads
    stanford-mods (1.0.3) Stanford specific wrangling of MODS metadata from DOR, the Stanford Digital Object Repository
  22. 8,359 downloads
    stanfordparser (2.2.0) This module is a Ruby wrapper for the Stanford Natural Language Parser.
  23. 1,831 downloads
    stanfordparser-infochimps (2.2.2) Ruby wrapper of the Stanford Parser, a NLP parser built in Java.
  24. 9,094 downloads
    stapfen (2.1.1) A simple gem for writing good basic STOMP workers
  25. 411 downloads
    stapi (0.0.1) Handles payment processing with STAPI
  26. 972 downloads
    staplegun (0.1.1) Easily post new pins to your Pinterest boards
  27. 2,150 downloads
    stapler (0.4.1) Dynamic asset compression for Rails using YUI Compressor
  28. 2,083 downloads
    starapi (0.0.3) Gem created in order to consume READi System Webservices
  29. 1,275 downloads
    starapor-slippers (0.0.9) A strict templating library for ruby
  30. 1,877 downloads
    starbucks (0.0.3) Find starbuckses.