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  1. 6,855 downloads
    surus (0.5.0) Surus accelerates ActiveRecord with PostgreSQL specific types and functionali...
  2. 5,141 downloads
    surveillance_authority (0.3.0) Write centralized model observers in a simple DSL
  3. 157 downloads
    survey (0.1) A rails gem to enable surveys in your application as easy as possible
  4. 845 downloads
    survey_builder (0.3.0) Tool for building surveys for quizzy from the filesystem
  5. 14,354 downloads
    survey_generator (0.3.1) A generator for surveys based on model-driven development with RGen.
  6. 1,686 downloads
    surveygizmo (0.0.2) A Ruby wrapper for the SurveyGizmo REST API
  7. 6,497 downloads
    survey-gizmo-ruby (1.0.1) Gem to use the REST API, v3+
  8. 3,948 downloads
    survey_on_rails (1.0.0) A generator for surveys based on model-driven development with RGen.
  9. 80,717 downloads
    surveyor (1.4.0) A rails (gem) plugin to enable surveys in your application
  10. 1,451 downloads
    survey_says (0.0.2) This is a plugin that allows you to create a questionaire with custom scores.
  11. 1,173 downloads
    survival (0.0.4) A gem that provides survival analysis functionality
  12. 10,785 downloads
    survivalkit (0.3.4) The Coding Designer's Survival Kit - tools for designing websites in the browser.
  13. 301 downloads
    survivor (0.1.0.alpha) Survival horror roguelike game
  14. 366 downloads
    susanoo (0.4.0) Develop mobile application using apache cordova and ruby utilities.
  15. 91 downloads
    suse-connect (0.0.13) This package provides a command line tool and rubygem library for connecting a client system to t...
  16. 1,704 downloads
    suse-git-pulls (0.4) git-pulls facilitates github pull requests.
  17. 17,971 downloads
    sushi (0.0.4) Capistrano SSH recipe that starts a SSH connection to remote server.
  18. 2,721 downloads
    sushi_fabric (0.1.9) This library provides us with the methods to submit a job cooperating with workflow manager.
  19. 2,307 downloads
    sushifish (0.9.6) Sushi Fish is a generator that gives a raw rails app ready for content. It is a great starting po...
  20. 111 downloads
    susies (0.0.2) Susies is a Gem to register easily for Epitech Susie Classes
  21. 32,549 downloads
    suspenders (1.9.3) Suspenders is a base Rails project that you can upgrade. It is used by thoughtbot to get a jump s...
  22. 114 downloads
    suspiciouss (0.1) Reports common CSS/Sass/Less errors
  23. 3,169 downloads
    susuwatari (1.0.0) Allows to schedule tests on
  24. 278,102 downloads
    susy (2.1.1) Susy is a toolkit for building layouts of all types with a simple, natural syntax.
  25. 1,013 downloads
    sutch-anemone ( Anemone web-spider framework (sutch's fork)
  26. 1,333 downloads
    sutto-oauth (0.3.6) OAuth Core Ruby implementation (this fork has em-http-request support, included until the main re...
  27. 1,168 downloads
    suung-undress (0.2.5) Simply translate HTML to Textile, Markdown, or whatever other markup format you need
  28. 2,323 downloads
    svanzoest-aws-s3 ( Client library for Amazon's Simple Storage Service's REST API
  29. 263 downloads
    svarog-client (1.0.0) This gem provides a very simple command line tool to send notifications to the Svarog server
  30. 2,080 downloads
    svc (0.0.2) A ruby command line tool for starting and stopping launchd services