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  1. 935 downloads
    studio_game_jb (1.1.0) A simple CLI game made for the Pragmatic Studio Ruby course.
  2. 1,028 downloads
    studio_game_john (1.0.1) This is an example application used in The Pragmatic Studio's Ruby Programming course, as describ...
  3. 849 downloads
    Studio_game_KAS (1.01) first pure Ruby tutorial
  4. 351 downloads
    studio_game_kgr (1.0.0) This is a tutorial gem.
  5. 319 downloads
    studio_game_kyle_r (1.0.0) README: This gem creates a game for a certain amount of players. It then either w00ts or blams...
  6. 202 downloads
    studio_game_mike_brooks (1.0.0) The README should contain a short description of what your gem does and how to use it.
  7. 774 downloads
    studio_game_oas (1.0.0) Simple game simulation Ruby program written for the online Ruby Programming course from The Pragm...
  8. 721 downloads
    studio-game-ortau (1.0.0) A fun game for everyone.
  9. 693 downloads
    studio_game_pa (1.0.0) Sample Gem created as part of the Pragmatic Studio Ruby Programming course. More details, such a...
  10. 334 downloads
    studio_game_paulhaddad (1.0.0) This project was developed in conjunction with the Pragmatic Studio's Ruby course. It is a comple...
  11. 351 downloads
    studio_game_pauls (1.0.0) Studo Game created from coursework for
  12. 350 downloads
    studio_game_peterpiper (1.0.0) This program is a game written for the Ruby course at Excellent course by th...
  13. 435 downloads
    studio_game_ps (1.0.0) Course files from The Pragmatic Studio's Ruby Programming course. http://online.pragmaticstudio....
  14. 498 downloads
    studio_game-qp (1.0.0) Small game created as part of Pragmatic Studio's Ruby Course.
  15. 478 downloads
    studio_game_railstar (0.0.01) Welcome to the "Knuckleheads" game, a (slightly enhanced version of the) fully functional text dr...
  16. 725 downloads
    studio_game_rc (1.0.0) This is an application created during The Pragmatic Studio's Ruby Programming course, as describ...
  17. 1,621 downloads
    studio_game_ribar (1.0.0) This is a game written as homework for the Ruby Studio, Online Edition, from Pragmatic Programmer...
  18. 708 downloads
    studio_game_riverron (1.0.0) This is an example application used in The Pragmatic Studio's Ruby Programming course.
  19. 796 downloads
    studio_game_rjb (1.0.0) README
  20. 802 downloads
    studio_game_rkc05282012 (1.0.0) README FOR INSTRUCTIONS
  21. 766 downloads
    studio_game_sah (1.0.0) "The class project from the Pragmatic Studio's Ruby Programming course."
  22. 754 downloads
    studio_game_SE (1.0.0) Game exercise as part of Pragmatic Studio Ruby programming course.
  23. 491 downloads
    studio-game-second-try (1.0.1) This is my second time creating the Prag Studios Studio Game Gem. It was much better this time ar...
  24. 473 downloads
    studio_game_shervin (1.0.0) This is an practice application created by Shervin Shaikh during The Pragmatic Studio's Ruby Prog...
  25. 709 downloads
    studio_game_sirenus (1.0.0) This is a Ruby program to run a funny game.
  26. 221 downloads
    studio_game_ssmythe (1.0.0) This is all from the Pragmatic Studios Ruby Programming Course.
  27. 183 downloads
    studio_game_timandcami (1.0.0) To run game, type: "studio_game" at command prompt.... other commands to type: and what they...
  28. 768 downloads
    studio_game_tonig (1.0.0) Sample project use to learn ruby.
  29. 753 downloads
    studio_game_UK (1.0.0) Role playing game with auditing
  30. 680 downloads
    studio_game_vi (1.0) part of ruby training