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  1. 623 downloads
    statsy-app (0.1) Client gem for Statsy
  2. 5,135 downloads
    statt (0.0.4) Testing web applications js and all
  3. 6,969 downloads
    stattr (0.1.1) Stattr is a Gem that includes a number of useful functions for rolling dice in a game like Dungeo...
  4. 1,175 downloads
    status (0.0.1) Provides application status information.
  5. 1,413 downloads
    status_accessor (1.0) utility for handling status-like fields
  6. 1,508 downloads
    status_bar (0.2.3) This RubyMotion gem can show status updates in the status bar. Heavily inspired by https://github...
  7. 242 downloads
    statusboard (0.1.0) Use a convenient and expressive DSL to feed the Status Board App by Panic with custom data. Benef...
  8. 125 downloads
    statusbot-api (0.8.0) Provides API functionality to
  9. 490 downloads
    statusbot-models (0.6.1) Contains all of the models used by statusbot. Makes it easy for smaller pieces to use the same m...
  10. 3,304 downloads
    status_cacher (0.0.1) Writes a status to a file
  11. 851 downloads
    status_cake (0.1.2) Ruby gem for StatusCake API - supports basic functions on tests
  12. 910 downloads
    status_cat (0.1.0) This engine makes monitoring the status of your Rails environment easier. It provides a ...
  13. 959 downloads
    status_cats (0.0.1) Rack middleware replacing responses with relevant pictures of cats, based on the status code.
  14. 1,288 downloads
    status_dogs (0.0.2) Rack middleware replacing responses with relevant pictures of dogs, based on the status code.
  15. 1,921 downloads
    status_enumerator (0.0.3) This class provides an enumeration function to have the object which I added tree information to ...
  16. 1,001 downloads
    status_file (0.0.1) Use this to store status information from across a big-program while keeping it simple.
  17. 4,146 downloads
    status_for (0.0.6) Include this in the module which will allow you to search for status for a class.
  18. 347 downloads
    status_lib (0.0.2) Wrapper library for access to service status service
  19. 3,026 downloads
    status-manager (0.8.5) ActiveRecord Model Status Manager
  20. 945 downloads
    statuspage (0.0.2) ruby wrapper for api
  21. 2,683 downloads
    status_page (1.2.0) A very simplistic engine for a rails status page
  22. 3,033 downloads
    status_quo (0.0.4) No CONSTANTS. No numbers. No stupid state machines. F*cking simple stuff.
  23. 15,695 downloads
    statusz (0.1.1) statusz is a gem that writes out git metadata at deploy time.
  24. 3,481 downloads
    statval (0.1.3) Utility class for incrementally recording measured values and reporting avg, variance, min, and max
  25. 2,692 downloads
    statwhore (0.0.4) description of gem
  26. 668 downloads
    staugaard-cloudmaster (0.1.5) Creates, terminates, and monitors Amazon EC2 instances. Creates more instance to meet increased d...
  27. 267 downloads
    staugaard-comatose (2.0.3) Comatose is a micro CMS designed for being embedded into existing Rails applications.
  28. 144 downloads
    staugaard-idn_actionmailer (0.2) monkey patch for ActionMailer to support international domain names
  29. 797 downloads
    staugaard-magic_cache_keys (0.6.0) An extension of ActiveRecord adding database side generated cache keys for collections
  30. 1,268 downloads
    staugaard-rpm_contrib (1.0.7) Community contributed instrumentation for various frameworks based on the New Relic R...