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  1. 791 downloads
    stemcell_builder (1.0.8) Stemcell builder for Bosh
  2. 1,389 downloads
    stemmable (0.0.0) Placeholder for a gem to be migrated later
  3. 605,599 downloads
    stemmer (1.0.1) Word stemming algorithm(s)
  4. 1,328 downloads
    stemmer4jr (0.0.1) Stemmer4Jr
  5. 7,298 downloads
    stemmer4r (0.6) Stemmer4r is a Ruby extension that wraps the snowball stemmer library (libstemmer).
  6. 3,103 downloads
    stemmify (0.0.2) Stem words, for example, convert running to run
  7. 1,125 downloads
    stemthegem (0.0.2) StemTheGem is the gem to gather and unify stemmers for different languages and present a unique i...
  8. 236 downloads
    stench (0.0.1) Windows bindings for opine
  9. 7,777 downloads
    stencil (0.1.8) Project template manager
  10. 7,073 downloads
    Stencil (0.1.1) Stencil is a templating library with a number of design goals. * Limited code in templates....
  11. 1,280 downloads
    stencils (0.0.0) Lets you define an action and views once and reuse them for different models.
  12. 14,106 downloads
    stendhal (0.1.11) Stendhal is a really simple test framework.
  13. 44,351 downloads
    steno (1.2.4) A thread-safe logging library designed to support multiple log destinations.
  14. 679 downloads
    stenographer (0.1.0) Remember what you've said
  15. 838 downloads
    step (0.0.2) The Ruby on Rails template engine that implements 2-Step Views PoEAA
  16. 1,147 downloads
    step_definitions_viewer (0.0.1) Shows step definitions nicely for rapid cuking.
  17. 26,634 downloads
    stepdown (1.0.1) Stepdown allows you to see where your most used Cucumber steps are, your unused steps and how the...
  18. 402 downloads
    stepdown-patched ( Stepdown allows you to see where your most used Cucumber steps are, your unused steps and how the...
  19. 20,281 downloads
    stepford (0.15.1) Automates FactoryGirl deep creation of models and their required associations avoiding circulars ...
  20. 104 downloads
    StephanZ-comma (0.1.8) Ruby Comma Seperated Values generation library
  21. 207 downloads
    StephanZ-fastercsv (1.4.1) FasterCSV is intended as a complete replacement to the CSV standard library. It is significantly ...
  22. 213 downloads
    stephencelis-acts_as_singleton (0.0.2) A lightweight singleton library for your Active Record models. It just makes sense to store muta...
  23. 513 downloads
    stephencelis-app (0.2.2) Move the config out of your app, and into App. Sure, it's been done before, and others will do it...
  24. 103 downloads
    stephencelis-dots (0.0.1) Free progress dots for your scripts.
  25. 1,765 downloads
    stephencelis-ghi (0.1.7) GitHub Issues on the command line. Use your `$EDITOR`, not your browser.
  26. 419 downloads
    stephencelis-haddock (0.2.1) A more memorable password generator. Swordfish? No, I got tired of that. I changed it.
  27. 315 downloads
    stephencelis-kvc (0.0.3) KVC (Key-Value Configuration) provides a powerful, transparent way to maintain mutable app settin...
  28. 310 downloads
    stephenchu-minglr ( Do you forget to update a story card on Mingle when the card has moved into developers' hands? Ho...
  29. 209 downloads
    stepheneb-hpricot (0.8.268) a swift, liberal HTML parser with a fantastic library
  30. 413 downloads
    stepheneb-jnlp ( For manipulation of Java Web Start Jnlps and the resources they reference.