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  1. 3,701 downloads
    subscribed_to (0.3.2) Abstract layer for managing mailing list subscriptions
  2. 5,610 downloads
    subscription_fu (0.4.0) SubscriptionFu helps with building services which have paid subscriptions. It includes the models...
  3. 485 downloads
    subservient (0.0.3) Job queue processor using Beanstalkd
  4. 2,834 downloads
    subset_sum (1.0.1) Simple Subset Sum Solver with C and Pure Ruby Versions
  5. 2,031 downloads
    sub-setter (0.0.2) SubSetter Design Pattern implementation for Ruby
  6. 7,396 downloads
    subset_validator (0.5.0) An ActiveModel validation for checking if an attribute's values are a subset of another set.
  7. 620 downloads
    subsify (0.1.0) subsify is a Ruby client for the Subsify Subscription Payment API.
  8. 1,195 downloads
    subsonic ( SubSonic is a Super High-fidelity Batman Utility Belt that works up your Data Access (using Linq ...
  9. 1,877 downloads
    subsonic-api (0.3.1) Interact with a subsonic music streaming server
  10. 1,890 downloads
    subsonic-rb (0.2) Interact with a subsonic music streaming server
  11. 232 downloads
    substantial-sunspot_rails (2.0.0.pre.111215) Sunspot::Rails is an extension to the Sunspot library for Solr search. Sunspot::Rails add...
  12. 4,406 downloads
    substation (0.0.9) Implement application boundary interfaces with dedicated classes
  13. 580 downloads
    substituter (0.0.3) Substitute an existing method with a Proc. The Proc will have access to the replaced method and i...
  14. 2,465 downloads
    substitution_solver (0.5.1) Program for solving mono-alphabetic simple substitution ciphers, (as in cryptoquotes), without wo...
  15. 314 downloads
    subtitle_converter (0.0.5) Convert video subtitles from one to another format. Currently only STL and SRT
  16. 67,396 downloads
    subtitle_it (1.9.0) Download, edit and create subtitles. Supports various formats.
  17. 933 downloads
    subtitle-library (0.0.1) A subtitle library which can manipulate SubRip, MicroDVD and SubViewer formats.
  18. 532 downloads
    subtitle_parser (0.9) Parse your .srt files into Subtitle objects. This objects represent one subtitle from the origina...
  19. 1,782 downloads
    subtitle_shifter ( A simple little gem for modifying SubRip subtitle files. Done as a mentoring exercise with Citize...
  20. 996 downloads
    subtitle_source (0.0.3) Ruby bindings for
  21. 7,491 downloads
    subtitulos_downloader (0.7.1) Fetch subtitles from different providers and save them to a given path
  22. 5,649 downloads
    subtle (1.2.0) A few small updates to make even more concise Ruby.
  23. 1,464 downloads
    subtledata (0.0.5) Ruby Client Library for SubtleData
  24. 3,797 downloads
    subtle-dynamic_icon (0.0.3) DynamicIcon is a small abstractional layer around Subtlext::Icon, with integrated support for col...
  25. 3,867 downloads
    subtle-graph (0.0.3) Dynamic icons which represent different kinds of graphs.
  26. 2,429 downloads
    subtle-lang (0.0.4) Subtle is a Terse, Array based Programming Language, heavily inspired by...
  27. 1,924 downloads
    subtlepatterns (0.0.3) gem for
  28. 1,680 downloads
    subtool (0.1.1) subtool is a library and CLI program to add (or remove) delay in subtitles files
  29. 11,743 downloads
    subtrigger (0.3.1) This gem allows you to create simple Ruby triggers for Subversion commit messages, responding to ...
  30. 1,966 downloads
    subtype (0.0.3) Gem including some helpers to easily make your sublet