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  1. 3,358 downloads
    statify (0.1.3) Pop this gem in your rails >= 3 application. This gem will utilize statsd and easily track basic...
  2. 1,790 downloads
    statikaj (0.0.5) Statikaj is simple tool to create statikaj blogs.
  3. 1,342 downloads
    station (0.0.0) I like Rails but I also hate Rails, and sometimes I'm not making a web-app, and yet I still need ...
  4. 1,325 downloads
    stationary (0.0.1) Configurable Rails Engine For Serving Static Pages
  5. 1,379 downloads
    stationed (0.5.0) Stationed is an extensive Rails application generator, providing you with a starter app full stan...
  6. 450 downloads
    statistical_array (1.0.0) Perform statistical analysis on a custom array class that doesn't actually inherit from Array. Pr...
  7. 11,454 downloads
    statistics (1.0.0) An ActiveRecord gem that makes it easier to do reporting.
  8. 156,697 downloads
    statistics2 (0.54) Statistics2 is a module that provides normal, Chi-square, t- and F- probability distributions for...
  9. 816 downloads
    stativus (0.0.1) Stativus provides a way to define state in a client facing application. It is a port of the stat...
  10. 1,659 downloads
    statlysis (0.0.7) Statistical and analysis in Ruby DSL, just as simple as SQL operations in ActiveRecord.
  11. 1,025 downloads
    stat_mon (0.1.0) Easy way to monitor and log statistics on your server.
  12. 513 downloads
    stato (0.0.1) Write a gem description
  13. 2,002 downloads
    stator (0.1.0) The simplest of ActiveRecord state machines. Intended to be lightweight and minimalistic.
  14. 601 downloads
    statr (0.0.1) Simple statistical framework
  15. 7,454 downloads
    statraptor (0.2.6) StatRaptor gathers all your metrics into one simple-to-use dashboard.
  16. 2,740 downloads
    stats (0.2.0) The stats gem is a simple way to keep track of different statistics using Redis.
  17. 130,786 downloads
    statsample (1.4.0) A suite for basic and advanced statistics on Ruby. Tested on Ruby 2.1.1p76 (June 2014), 1.8.7, 1....
  18. 89,186 downloads
    statsample-bivariate-extension (1.1.0) Provides advanced bivariate statistics: * Tetrachoric correlation * Polychoric correlation
  19. 607 downloads
    statsample-glm (0.1.0) Statsample-GLM is an extension to Statsample, an advance statistics suite in Ruby. This gem inclu...
  20. 13,030 downloads
    statsample-optimization (2.1.1) Install gsl, statistics2 and provides a C extension to optimize the following methods * Vector#f...
  21. 1,296 downloads
    statsample-sem (0.1.0) Structural equation modeling (SEM) for statsample gem, usign ruby and R
  22. 996 downloads
    statsample-timeseries (0.0.3) Statsample-timeseries is an extension to Statsample. It incorporates helpful timeseries functions...
  23. 4,060 downloads
    StatsCollect ( StatsCollect is a little framework gathering statistics from external sources (social networks, w...
  24. 3,729 downloads
    stats_combiner (0.0.3) A tool to create most-viewed story widgets from the Chartbeat API.
  25. 20,077 downloads
    statsd (0.5.4) A network daemon for aggregating statistics (counters and timers), rolling them up, then sending ...
  26. 1,022 downloads
    statsd-cli (0.0.1) Report statsd metrics with commandline Statsd
  27. 23,746 downloads
    statsd-client (0.0.8) Ruby client for statsd.
  28. 3,752 downloads
    statsd-default_instrumentation (0.4.0) Provides a default set of instrumentation for Rails and common caching libraries.
  29. 1,942 downloads
    statsdeify (0.0.3) An experimental lib to transmute logs to `statsd` measurements.
  30. 1,779 downloads
    statsd_helper ( Some helpers for consitent use across of statsd gems. Nothing is automatic but consistency is sli...