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  1. 179 downloads
    step_by_step ( Alternative to, with an Active Record backend and additional h...
  2. 1,165 downloads
    step_definitions_viewer (0.0.1) Shows step definitions nicely for rapid cuking.
  3. 27,307 downloads
    stepdown (1.1.0) Stepdown allows you to see where your most used Cucumber steps are, your unused steps and how the...
  4. 406 downloads
    stepdown-patched ( Stepdown allows you to see where your most used Cucumber steps are, your unused steps and how the...
  5. 20,786 downloads
    stepford (0.15.1) Automates FactoryGirl deep creation of models and their required associations avoiding circulars ...
  6. 143 downloads
    StephanZ-comma (0.1.8) Ruby Comma Seperated Values generation library
  7. 278 downloads
    StephanZ-fastercsv (1.4.1) FasterCSV is intended as a complete replacement to the CSV standard library. It is significantly ...
  8. 277 downloads
    stephencelis-acts_as_singleton (0.0.2) A lightweight singleton library for your Active Record models. It just makes sense to store muta...
  9. 690 downloads
    stephencelis-app (0.2.2) Move the config out of your app, and into App. Sure, it's been done before, and others will do it...
  10. 144 downloads
    stephencelis-dots (0.0.1) Free progress dots for your scripts.
  11. 2,310 downloads
    stephencelis-ghi (0.1.7) GitHub Issues on the command line. Use your `$EDITOR`, not your browser.
  12. 559 downloads
    stephencelis-haddock (0.2.1) A more memorable password generator. Swordfish? No, I got tired of that. I changed it.
  13. 419 downloads
    stephencelis-kvc (0.0.3) KVC (Key-Value Configuration) provides a powerful, transparent way to maintain mutable app settin...
  14. 411 downloads
    stephenchu-minglr ( Do you forget to update a story card on Mingle when the card has moved into developers' hands? Ho...
  15. 275 downloads
    stepheneb-hpricot (0.8.268) a swift, liberal HTML parser with a fantastic library
  16. 550 downloads
    stepheneb-jnlp ( For manipulation of Java Web Start Jnlps and the resources they reference.
  17. 557 downloads
    stephenh-s3fsr (1.3) FUSE File System for Amazon S3
  18. 151 downloads
    stephenrichards-holiday_calendar (1.0.10) Helper class for determining which days are public holidays in different countries, calcluating t...
  19. 1,266 downloads
    stepladder (0.0.2) Stepladder grew out of experimentation with Ruby fibers, after readings Dave Thomas' demo of Rub...
  20. 164 downloads
    step_machine (0.0.3) When you want execute lazzy block commands, you need use this gem
  21. 7,616 downloads
    step_master (0.0.6) Provide a simple and easy way to find and auto-complete gherkin steps, when writing cucumber feat...
  22. 4,970 downloads
    stepper (0.2.0) Stepper is multistep form (wizard) solution for Rails 3. Stepper allows you to split up your larg...
  23. 640 downloads
    stepper-instrument (0.0.1) Instrument your app to send metrics to a Stepper.
  24. 3,410 downloads
    step_rewrite (0.2.0) A Gem to Rewrite Ruby code from a special syntax into an evented IO form.
  25. 3,795 downloads
    steps (1.1.3) A way to simplify the output of shell scripting written in ruby. Integrates with Capistrano and ...
  26. 827 downloads
    steps-rails (1.2.9) Gem wrapper for jquery-steps
  27. 505 downloads
    stepstepstep (0.0.1) Stepstepstep
  28. 22,826 downloads
    step-up (0.9.6) StepUp manages a project's versioning through its entire lifecycle
  29. 800 downloads
    step_wizard (0.0.1) Hints for new users, how to start with application.
  30. 931 downloads
    stepy-rails ( Jquery stepy plugin as a rails gem.