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  1. 4,651 downloads
    sunspot_stats (0.0.7) Sunspot is a library providing a powerful, all-ruby API for the Solr search engine. This ge...
  2. 3,401 downloads
    sunspot_submodel_index (0.0.5) This gem ties into the Rails model lifecycle to add support for calling Sunspot index on another ...
  3. 1,296 downloads
    sunspot_suggest (0.0.3) Adds suggest and spellcheck DSL methods
  4. 84,222 downloads
    sunspot_test (0.4.0) Testing sunspot with cucumber can be a pain. This gem will automatically start/stop solr with cuc...
  5. 2,074 downloads
    sunspot_with_activeuuid (0.0.4) UUID ids for sunspot
  6. 37,655 downloads
    sunspot_with_kaminari (0.2.0) Extends sunspot to be compatible with kaminari for pagination
  7. 934 downloads
    sunteya-soap4r ( An updated implementation of SOAP 1.1 for Ruby 1.8 and 1.9.
  8. 7,891 downloads
    sun_time (0.0.2) Calculate the time of sunrise and sunset for location on a specific date.
  9. 3,127 downloads
    sun-times (1.0.0) Module which calculates sunrise and sunset times.
  10. 3,821 downloads
    suntrack (0.0.4) Sun position as function of time
  11. 3,612 downloads
    sunweather (0.3.8) Provides sunrise/sunset and weather info for given address.
  12. 18,090 downloads
    sunzi (1.5.2) Server provisioning utility for minimalists
  13. 279,138 downloads
    sup (0.19.0) Sup is a console-based email client for people with a lot of email. * GMail-like thread-...
  14. 1,218 downloads
    super_accessors (0.0.3) Make activerecord support split datetime attributes, store specific datatypes (Integer, String, B...
  15. 1,689 downloads
    super-app (0.0.9) Bundler manages an application's dependencies through its entire life, across many machines, syst...
  16. 3,179 downloads
    superators (0.9.1) == FEATURES/PROBLEMS: * Presently a superator operand must support having a singleton class. Bec...
  17. 4,068 downloads
    superators19 (0.9.3) Superators are a superset of new Ruby operators you can create and use. This is a fork of the ori...
  18. 1,803 downloads
    superauther (0.0.2) superauther is a tiny ruby script that generates passwords for websites that don't need to be sav...
  19. 760 downloads
    super_awesome_resource_serializer (1.0.5) Quickly create custom serializations for resources rather than relying on the generated ones.
  20. 191 downloads
    superb (1.0.0) A supERB template helper for ERB!
  21. 11,445 downloads
    superbolt (0.7.1) Superbolt is comprised of a standalone app, and a queue-like queue for sending messages between s...
  22. 873 downloads
    superbolt-future (0.1.3) Perform superbolt tasks at a later time; timed job queues for the cloud
  23. 592 downloads
    superbolt-http (0.0.2) An easy http interface for RabbitMQ
  24. 1,092 downloads
    super_cache (0.0.2) A simple caching middleware for rails
  25. 1,311 downloads
    SuperCaller (1.0.0) SuperCaller adds a beefed-up version of Kernel#caller and a beefed up version of Exception#backtr...
  26. 3,379 downloads
    supercharged (2.2.0) MVC solution for charges in rails
  27. 853 downloads
    supercharger (0.0.1) This rubygem does not have a description or summary.
  28. 217 downloads
    superclass_delegating_accessor (0.0.1) A Ruby utility that defines both class and instance accessors for class attributes. Creates priva...
  29. 1,889 downloads
    superclass_hash (0.0.2) Hash that would return values that has been assigned to keys that are superclasses of asked key
  30. 3,089 downloads
    superconductor (0.0.4) Build your Ruby on Rails application from your Ruby on Rails application!