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  1. 4,362 downloads
    stooge (0.1.4) Super advanced job queue over AMQP
  2. 394 downloads
    stoolie (0.0.3) Content filter to determine the XSS, spam or offensive quality of text.
  3. 4,705 downloads
    stoor (0.1.12) Stoor is an app to bring up a local Gollum (wiki software) against a Git repo with bells and whis...
  4. 316 downloads
    stop (0.1.0) Blocks all outgoing non-L2TP/IPSec traffic on Mac OS. A simple script which uses the in-b...
  5. 5,893 downloads
    stopango_tester (0.0.7) Something later maybe
  6. 997 downloads
    stopdropandrew_ci_reporter ( CI::Reporter is an add-on to Test::Unit, RSpec and Cucumber that allows you to generate XML repor...
  7. 3,375 downloads
    stop_forum_spam (0.0.2) Small api wrapper for getting and posting data to
  8. 4,257 downloads
    stop_ie (0.1.5) Stop usage Internet Explorer version 7 and less!
  9. 1,675 downloads
    stop_it (1.0.1) Middleware for blocking requests to rake apps.
  10. 981 downloads
    stoplight (0.4.1) Traffic control for code. An implementation of the circuit breaker pattern in Ruby.
  11. 1,351 downloads
    stoplight-admin (0.2.7) A simple administration interface for the stoplight gem.
  12. 4,608 downloads
    stopwatch (0.0.4) This gem uses Rack middleware and the Rails 3 Notification API to display page load time and amou...
  13. 562 downloads
    stopwatch_formatter (1.0.0) The standard RSpec documentation formatter does not display the amount of time each test took. Th...
  14. 5,239 downloads
    stopwords (0.2) A stopword library
  15. 11,011 downloads
    stopwords-filter (0.3.1) Small library that allows you to create a simple stopwords filter or use some based on Snowball s...
  16. 57,049 downloads
    storable (0.8.9) Storable: Marshal Ruby classes into and out of multiple formats (yaml, json, csv, tsv)
  17. 5,300 downloads
    storage (0.1.5) This gem provides a simple API for multiple storage backends. Supported storages: Amazon S3 and F...
  18. 31,503 downloads
    storage_room (0.3.24) StorageRoom is a CMS system for Mobile Applications (iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, ...). This libr...
  19. 457 downloads
    storageroom-to-contentful (0.0.4) Import data from StorageRoom to Contentful
  20. 570 downloads
    Storage_strings (1.1) The class which is doing storage of strings using the TRIE
  21. 310 downloads
    storage_unit (0.0.1) Soft deletion for Rails 4, done right.
  22. 654 downloads
    storagy (0.0.4) This gem provides useful methods and API wrappers
  23. 198 downloads
    storail (0.0.1) Stòrail means "storage" in Irish
  24. 2,846 downloads
    storcs (0.0.4) Storage-related calculations. Helps you manage your storage devices such as SAN, NAS, etc. in you...
  25. 4,210 downloads
    store (0.0.9) Repository Pattern and Data-Mapper Pattern
  26. 4,779 downloads
    store-active_record (0.0.11) Basic ActiveRecord DataMapper for Store.
  27. 9,342 downloads
    store_base_sti_class (0.2.0) ActiveRecord has always stored the base class in polymorphic _type columns when using STI. T...
  28. 6,436 downloads
    store_base_sti_class_for_3_0 (0.1.3) ActiveRecord has always stored the base class in polymorphic _type columns when using STI. T...
  29. 1,113 downloads
    store_base_sti_class_for_3_1 (0.0.1) ActiveRecord has always stored the base class in polymorphic _type columns when using STI. T...
  30. 108 downloads
    store_complex (0.1.0) Stores complex data that includes Arrays and Hashes (possibly nested) in an attribute inside hs...