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  1. 4,574 downloads
    sushi_fabric (0.2.5) This library provides us with the methods to submit a job cooperating with workflow manager.
  2. 2,516 downloads
    sushifish (0.9.6) Sushi Fish is a generator that gives a raw rails app ready for content. It is a great starting po...
  3. 220 downloads
    susies (0.0.2) Susies is a Gem to register easily for Epitech Susie Classes
  4. 38,622 downloads
    suspenders (1.15.0) Suspenders is a base Rails project that you can upgrade. It is used by thoughtbot to get a jump s...
  5. 361 downloads
    suspiciouss (0.1.1) Reports common CSS/Sass/Less errors
  6. 3,446 downloads
    susuwatari (1.0.0) Allows to schedule tests on
  7. 344,477 downloads
    susy (2.1.3) Susy is a toolkit for building layouts of all types with a simple, natural syntax.
  8. 1,245 downloads
    sutch-anemone ( Anemone web-spider framework (sutch's fork)
  9. 1,399 downloads
    sutto-oauth (0.3.6) OAuth Core Ruby implementation (this fork has em-http-request support, included until the main re...
  10. 1,235 downloads
    suung-undress (0.2.5) Simply translate HTML to Textile, Markdown, or whatever other markup format you need
  11. 180 downloads
    suv (0.0.8) A sample of SUVARNA's gems
  12. 88 downloads
    suv_muk (0.0.1) This will not perform any special tasks.
  13. 2,390 downloads
    svanzoest-aws-s3 ( Client library for Amazon's Simple Storage Service's REST API
  14. 355 downloads
    svarog-client (1.0.0) This gem provides a very simple command line tool to send notifications to the Svarog server
  15. 2,215 downloads
    svc (0.0.2) A ruby command line tool for starting and stopping launchd services
  16. 648 downloads
    SVClient ( SVClient API Library for QwikCilver integration
  17. 980 downloads
    svdir (0.2) The svdir package controls service directories, a scheme for reliably controlling daemon processe...
  18. 1,262 downloads
    svenaas-will_paginate (3.0.2) The will_paginate library provides a simple, yet powerful and extensible API for pagination and r...
  19. 2,676 downloads
    svenaas-woulda (0.3.1) No description yet.
  20. 5,330 downloads
    svenfuchs-devise_oauth2_authenticatable (0.1.4) Implements OAuth2 for Devise
  21. 1,233 downloads
    svengali ( Svengali offers means to manage and operate distributed machines easier than by other tools like ...
  22. 437 downloads
    sven_string (0.0.1) The library opens up the String class and adds a method writesize, which returns the size of the ...
  23. 3,532 downloads
    svg (0.0.4) Intended to be a gem which will help to build complex Simple Vector Graphics (SVG)
  24. 1,549 downloads
    svg2glyph (0.0.2) This gem consumes an SVG document created in Illustrator and generates individual glyph files for...
  25. 2,929 downloads
    svg2pdf (0.2.0) This is a simple gem that wraps RSVG and Cairo gems
  26. 5,001 downloads
    svg_charts (2.3) Draw charts using SVG.
  27. 1,459 downloads
    svgen (0.1.1) SVG generator
  28. 576 downloads
    svg-flags-rails (0.0.3) ISO SVG country flags (Images are public domain from
  29. 1,057 downloads
    svg_graph (0.7) SVG::GRaph is a pure Ruby library for generating SVG charts
  30. 50,287 downloads
    svg-graph (1.0.5) This is a revision of the [SVG::Graph library](