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  1. 606 downloads
    strip_audio (0.0.2) A simple wrapper for ffmpeg to strip audio from video files.
  2. 6,112 downloads
    strip_control_chars (2.1) a small ActiveRecord plugin that removes ASCII control chars from attributes
  3. 636,985 downloads
    stripe (1.15.0) Stripe is the easiest way to accept payments online. See for details.
  4. 330 downloads
    stripe_auto_paginate (0.0.1) Provides automatic pagination for fetching records via the Stripe API, and optional automatic ext...
  5. 3,625 downloads
    stripe-cli (1.5.0) a git-style cli, offering a friendly, intuitive interface to all of the Stripe API right from t...
  6. 79,162 downloads
    stripe_event (1.3.0) Stripe webhook integration for Rails applications.
  7. 442 downloads
    stripe-iiftoqbo (0.1.3) Converts Stripe's IIF transaction file into a QBO file for importing into Quickbooks Online. A QB...
  8. 464 downloads
    stripe_invoice (0.2.2) stripe_invoice adds PDF views and automated emails to your Koudoku-based application
  9. 3,601 downloads
    stripe_local (0.2.5) A RailsEngine offering local, synchronous access to Stripe Api resources as ActiveRecord classes
  10. 2,230 downloads
    stripe_rails (0.0.3) Stripe Rails was built on top of the official stripe gem to bring ease of use of stripe in your m...
  11. 12,319 downloads
    stripe-rails (0.3.1) A gem to integrate stripe into your rails app
  12. 32,793 downloads
    stripe-ruby-mock ( A drop-in library to test stripe without hitting their servers
  13. 445 downloads
    stripe-server (10.0.0) Gem for servers
  14. 4,408 downloads
    stripe_tester (0.1.0) Test Stripe webhooks locally
  15. 1,455 downloads
    stripmem (0.0.3) Stripchart memory usage
  16. 1,587 downloads
    strip_params (0.0.1) Usage: before_filter :strip_params; def strip_params; StripParams.all!(params); end
  17. 1,507 downloads
    stripper (2.0.3) Stripper is a Ruby on Rails plugin that removes leading and trailing blanks from attribute values...
  18. 322 downloads
    stripper-rails (0.0.1) An utility which provides a class method `strip_fields`. It accepts list of fields and removes le...
  19. 496 downloads
    strippy (0.1.0) A documentation stripping tool for Ruby.
  20. 15,963 downloads
    striuct (0.4.4) Struct++ library. --- Validatable, Inheritable, Member Aliasing, Conflict Management, Defau...
  21. 3,430 downloads
    strmask (0.3.2) String::Mask provides a kind-of string algebra useful for manipulating strings in comparitive way...
  22. 23,311 downloads
    strobe (0.3.11) The client library for deploying applications to Strobe's HTML5 deployment platform
  23. 107 downloads
    strobemonkey-god (0.7.13) God is an easy to configure, easy to extend monitoring framework written in Ruby.
  24. 110 downloads
    strobemonkey-job_queue (0.0.5) JobQueue means you don't have to worry about your queue any more!
  25. 1,247 downloads
    strobogrammatic (0.1.3) A simple gem to determine if a number is strobogrammatic
  26. 4,402 downloads
    strockets (0.3.3) Use Stitch allong with Sprockets
  27. 3,804 downloads
    strokedb ( StrokeDB is an embeddable, distributed, document-based database written in Ruby. It is schema-fre...
  28. 3,639 downloads
    strokes (0.9.2) Generates PNG images of barcodes. Currently supports EAN8, EAN13, QR-Code, ISBN, CODE39, CODE128,...
  29. 269 downloads
    strolljs-rails (0.0.1) A collection of CSS list scroll effects. Works in browsers with support for CSS 3D transforms inc...
  30. 1,058 downloads
    strong_attributes (0.0.2) strong_attributes provides a strong_parameters-style permit interface using a wrapper around your...