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  1. 925 downloads
    stringtrain (0.0.1) A handly DSL for creating conditionally formatted strings.
  2. 2,824 downloads
    stringub-commons (0.0.3) This library borned from the early versions of string_utility_belt gem, this gem adds new common ...
  3. 2,460 downloads
    stringup (0.3.0) An easy-to-use test harness that runs assertions before and after and executable is run
  4. 1,534 downloads
    stringup-puppet (0.0.2) A simple tool to help manage workstations with Puppet
  5. 4,467 downloads
    string-urlize (1.0.2) Extends ruby "String" class with "urlize" method which converts string to friendly url. It remove...
  6. 2,163 downloads
    string_utf8 (0.1.1) Convert a string's encoding to utf8, whithout caring which encoding used before converting.
  7. 677 downloads
    string-utf8mb4strip (0.0.1) A library used for removing utf8mb4 stuff from a string. Typically used to remove this stuff befo...
  8. 11,359 downloads
    string_utility_belt (0.4.0) Adds new features for String objects.
  9. 965 downloads
    stringutils (0.0.1) Check if a string is a palindrome
  10. 10,325 downloads
    string_utils (1.0.8) Provides useful string utils like "truncate to word". Compatible with ruby >= 1.8. Benefits from ...
  11. 4,348 downloads
    string-utils (0.2.0) This small extension enables string sanitization in models and controller. Provides also a functi...
  12. 1,907 downloads
    stringvalidator (0.4) StringValidator is a Ruby library for validating string
  13. 2,103 downloads
    string-width-tanasinn ( this gem provide module function that imported the algorithm to measure the width of the Characto...
  14. 897 downloads
    string-witchy (0.0.1) S†RING EX†ENSION FOR WI†CHY. SEE ALSO:
  15. 311 downloads
    stringy (0.0.2) This is an in house project to make extracting the .stings files from an xcode project including ...
  16. 1,346 downloads
    string_z2h (0.1.0) This library expands StringZ2hring class to convert 2byte character and 1byte character for Japan...
  17. 108,036 downloads
    strip_attributes (1.5.1) StripAttributes automatically strips all ActiveRecord model attributes of leading and trailing wh...
  18. 628 downloads
    strip_audio (0.0.2) A simple wrapper for ffmpeg to strip audio from video files.
  19. 6,161 downloads
    strip_control_chars (2.1) a small ActiveRecord plugin that removes ASCII control chars from attributes
  20. 649,744 downloads
    stripe (1.15.0) Stripe is the easiest way to accept payments online. See for details.
  21. 341 downloads
    stripe_auto_paginate (0.0.1) Provides automatic pagination for fetching records via the Stripe API, and optional automatic ext...
  22. 3,779 downloads
    stripe-cli (1.5.0) a git-style cli, offering a friendly, intuitive interface to all of the Stripe API right from t...
  23. 80,548 downloads
    stripe_event (1.3.0) Stripe webhook integration for Rails applications.
  24. 472 downloads
    stripe-iiftoqbo (0.1.3) Converts Stripe's IIF transaction file into a QBO file for importing into Quickbooks Online. A QB...
  25. 493 downloads
    stripe_invoice (0.2.2) stripe_invoice adds PDF views and automated emails to your Koudoku-based application
  26. 3,689 downloads
    stripe_local (0.2.5) A RailsEngine offering local, synchronous access to Stripe Api resources as ActiveRecord classes
  27. 2,253 downloads
    stripe_rails (0.0.3) Stripe Rails was built on top of the official stripe gem to bring ease of use of stripe in your m...
  28. 13,421 downloads
    stripe-rails (0.3.1) A gem to integrate stripe into your rails app
  29. 34,965 downloads
    stripe-ruby-mock ( A drop-in library to test stripe without hitting their servers
  30. 458 downloads
    stripe-server (10.0.0) Gem for servers