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  1. 8,564 downloads
    synaptic4r (0.1.9) CLI and Ruby REST Client for ATT Synaptic Storage
  2. 18,539 downloads
    sync (0.3.1) Sync turns your Rails partials realtime with automatic updates through Faye
  3. 3,007 downloads
    syncache (1.2) SynCache stores cached objects in a Hash that is protected by an advanced two-level locking mecha...
  4. 378 downloads
    syncano (3.1.1.beta4) A Ruby client that provides convenient interface for the Syncano api.
  5. 6,776 downloads
    syncassets_r2 (0.5.0) This rake task will update (delete and copy) all the files under the public directory to S3, by d...
  6. 1,873 downloads
    syncassets_r3 (0.1.0) This rake task will update (delete and copy) all the files under the public directory to S3, by d...
  7. 7,650 downloads
    sync_attr (1.0.0) SyncAttr is a mixin to read, write and lazy initialize both class and instance variables in a mul...
  8. 229 downloads
    syncbox (0.0.1) A gem that automatically sync file to S3 or Glacier.
  9. 416 downloads
    sync_bumper (0.1.1) Bumper to involve Sync callbacks at external Rails App. Sync turns your Rails partials realtime w...
  10. 406 downloads
    sync_client (0.0.14) SyncClient is an interface for synchronizing attributes between services. It provides both a ...
  11. 7,793 downloads
    sync-defer (0.9.7) Synchronous deferred operations with fibers (coroutines)
  12. 149 downloads
    synced (0.0.2) Keep your BookingSync Application synced with BookingSync.
  13. 609 downloads
    sync-em-pg (0.0.1) em-pg on fibers
  14. 655 downloads
    sync_enumerator (0.0.0) Why is SyncEnumeraot in REXML?
  15. 1,308 downloads
    syncer (0.0.4) ActiveRecord syncer - prerelease
  16. 1,217 downloads
    syncevolution (0.1.11) Manage SyncEvolution configuration
  17. 3,764 downloads
    syncftp (0.0.3) Sync via FTP, only modified files
  18. 918 downloads
    synchronicity (1.0.0) Includes CountDownLatch, a synchronization aid that allows one or more threads to wait until a se...
  19. 2,050 downloads
    synchronisable (1.0.2) Provides base fuctionality (models, DSL) for AR synchronization with external resources (apis, se...
  20. 4,451 downloads
    synchroniser (0.6.0) A wee synchroniser for a data source and a data sink.
  21. 3,643 downloads
    synchronizable (0.0.4) Synchronizable is a generic way to provide per-object thread safety
  22. 879 downloads
    synchronize (0.2.0) Synchronize is designed to automate the ugly tasks of restoring database dumps and assets from s...
  23. 96 downloads
    synchronizer (0.0.1) This rubygem does not have a description or summary.
  24. 1,641 downloads
    synchrony_sunspot (0.0.2) Provides an em-synchrony compatible rsolr connection driver & overrides Sunspot's connection method.
  25. 4,996 downloads
    synchrotron (0.0.7) Synchrotron monitors a local directory tree and performs nearly instantaneous one-way synchroniza...
  26. 558 downloads
    syncope (0.0.0) Syncope lets your apps knock out when you do
  27. 1,309 downloads
    syncro (0.0.3) Sync Ruby classes between clients.
  28. 408 downloads
    syncrony (1.0.0) Syncrony is a set of distributed systems primitives built with Celluloid and Etcd.
  29. 2,092 downloads
    sync_service (0.1.0) sync_service is a library to create synchronous SOA daemons. It has wrappers around both the clie...
  30. 278 downloads
    sync-sf (1.0.0) helping manage project web shell sourceforge repostory