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  1. 1,327 downloads
    stubhub (0.0.2) A Ruby gem for accessing the stubhub api
  2. 94 downloads
    stub_hub_api (0.0.2) This gem provides access to add, edit and delete listings appearing on StubHub.
  3. 981 downloads
    stub-ntlm-helper (0.0.1) Using Apache or Squid or whatever with NTLM? Ever had Active Directory arbitrarily hate winbind? ...
  4. 1,011 downloads
    stubs (1.0) Finding yourself creating the same project structures over and over? Do you loathe setting up new...
  5. 2,806 downloads
    stub_shell (0.0.3) Stubs a set of shell commands and their return values using the backquote operator.
  6. 41,392 downloads
    stud (0.0.17) small reusable bits of code I'm tired of writing over and over. A library form of my software-pat...
  7. 181 downloads
    student (0.0.1) Hello world gem
  8. 5,754 downloads
    studi-budi (0.3.1) Allows you to create sets of flash cards and review them
  9. 1,009 downloads
    studio54 (0.0.5) Sinatra meets rails, falls in love, and dances through the night.
  10. 11,507 downloads
    studio_api (3.2.2) Studio Api makes it easier to use SuSE Studio ( via API. Instea...
  11. 651 downloads
    studio_fame_game (0.0.1) Description: Studio_game is a practice application from the pragmatic studio ruby lessons. they w...
  12. 868 downloads
    studio_game (1.0) Game created in Pragmatic Studio Ruby Class
  13. 564 downloads
    StudioGame (1.0.0) Example gemset from Pragmatic Studio.
  14. 538 downloads
    studio_game_0971 (1.0.0) A simple, silly game created as part of the Pragmatic Studio Online Ruby course.
  15. 398 downloads
    studio_game1113 (1.0.0) Ruby Studio Game folks!
  16. 767 downloads
    studio_game_2 (1.0.0) This is an example application used in The Pragmatic Studio's Ruby Programming course, as descri...
  17. 98 downloads
    studio_game_a (1.0.0) Studio Game
  18. 453 downloads
    studio_game_abegbg (1.0.0) Game from pragmaticstudios course
  19. 762 downloads
    studio_game_alan_mccann (1.0.0) Gem file from Pragmatic Studio Ruby Course
  20. 832 downloads
    studio_game_ap (1.0.0) # Play a game with multiple players, roll a die, a player gets blammed or w00ted and finds tre...
  21. 551 downloads
    studio_game_apickler (1.0.0) This is the game from the Pragmatic Studio's Ruby course.
  22. 821 downloads
    studio_game_ashby (1.0.1) This is an example application used in The Pragmatic Studio's Ruby Programming course, as descri...
  23. 591 downloads
    studio_game_bdu (1.0.0) Pragmatic Studios ruby programing course
  24. 830 downloads
    studio_game_bmr (1.0.0) w00t and blam the Three Stooges. Run the game and enter the number of rounds you want to play, or...
  25. 154 downloads
    studio_game_davidb583 (5.8.3) # my first gem This is one hell of a program : my first ruby gem ## Installation Don't know yet
  26. 357 downloads
    studio_game_delux (1.0.0) This is an example application used in The Pragmatic Studio's Ruby Programming course, as descri...
  27. 820 downloads
    studio_game_dilip (1.0.0) This a simple game where virtual players compete to find treasures. Health of the players is imp...
  28. 758 downloads
    studiogame_ebertj (1.0.0) Read me.
  29. 472 downloads
    studio_game_francisco (1.0.0) This is an application from an exercise in The Pragmatic Studio's Ruby Programming course, as de...
  30. 515 downloads
    studio_game_jarsenx (1.0.0) StudioGame is a treasure hunt game.