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  1. 5,350 downloads
    swedbanker (0.0.5) A gem that connects/extracts from Swedbank Mobile Web Service
  2. 1,341 downloads
    swedishgrid (0.1.4) Convert coordinates between geodetic WGS84 and Swedish grid RT90 and SWEREF99 systems.
  3. 2,543 downloads
    SwedishTV (0.0.3) Shows Swedish TV channel schedules in web browser.
  4. 11,585 downloads
    sweeper (0.3.2) Automatically tag your music collection with metadata from
  5. 2,463 downloads
    sweet (0.0.3) The SWT wrapper for JRuby
  6. 310 downloads
    sweet-alert (0.0.1) The awesome replacement for Javascript's alert
  7. 199 downloads
    sweet-alert-confirm (0.0.2) A Rails confirm replacement with SweetAlert
  8. 137 downloads
    sweetalert-rails (0.1.0) This gem provides SweerAlert for your Rails application.
  9. 2,537 downloads
    sweetgui (0.0.4) SWeeTgui: Fast building of SWT GUI screens for JRuby
  10. 6,325 downloads
    sweetie (1.0.1) Sweetie counts the links, images, number of html pages, and last-build ...
  11. 1,306 downloads
    sweetjs (0.1.0) See for more information about Sweet.js macros
  12. 1,179 downloads
    sweet-kit (0.4.0) MotionKit + SugarCube = SweetKit
  13. 3,581 downloads
    sweet-lang (0.3.7) Sweet is a pre-compiled language based on Ruby and Python. Sweet makes possible to use all t...
  14. 12,407 downloads
    sweetloader (0.1.6) sweet autoloading using file structure conventions while allowing configuration overrides for spe...
  15. 381 downloads
    sweet-logger (1.0.1) Betterer Rails logger that handles multi-threading well
  16. 509 downloads
    sweet_notifications (0.2.0) Syntactic sugar for ActiveSupport::LogSubscriber for easy instrumentation and logging from third-...
  17. 499 downloads
    sweet_params (0.1.0) Syntax sugar for Rails Strong Parameters.
  18. 573 downloads
    sweet_portfolio (0.1.0) Sweet Portfolio is an image gallery engine with nice frontend capabilities for Rails 3.1 apps (an...
  19. 3,773 downloads
    sweetsie (0.1.1) Sweetsie is a super simple framework that was designed to be used by Porject ADRIENNE. The basic...
  20. 189 downloads
    sweetsinatra (0.0.1) This gems will help you generate Sinatra Skeleton and CRUD Scaffold.
  21. 14,625 downloads
    sweettea (0.6.0) Some handlers for teacup that add the coercion abilities of sugarcube to the style abilities of t...
  22. 1,805 downloads
    SweetTea (0.0.6) SweetTea is a new language that can be compiled into javascript.
  23. 660 downloads
    sweettooth (1.1.0) Sweet Tooth is the easiest way to create powerful customer loyalty programs for your business. S...
  24. 10,857 downloads
    sweety_backy (0.0.21) Simple mechanism to configure and execute backups of folders and MySQL DBs and store them in loca...
  25. 1,365 downloads
    sweph4ruby (0.0.1) An astrology library
  26. 315 downloads
    swerling-cosell (0.0.2) Cosell is a minimal implementation of the 'Announcements' observer framework, originally introduc...
  27. 308 downloads
    swerling-sinotify (0.0.2) ALPHA Alert -- just uploaded initial release. Linux inotify is a means to receive events descri...
  28. 160 downloads
    swerling-synapse (0.0.1) Synapse is a web application framework that does practically nothing. Basically this is just a t...
  29. 473 downloads
    swerling-synfeld (0.0.4) Synfeld is a web application framework that does practically nothing. Synfeld is little more tha...
  30. 1,039 downloads
    swf_converter (0.0.3) Include SwfConverter on a class to get #convert_swf!, which writes PNGs from that object's SWF fi...