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  1. 2,540 downloads
    sweetgui (0.0.4) SWeeTgui: Fast building of SWT GUI screens for JRuby
  2. 6,335 downloads
    sweetie (1.0.1) Sweetie counts the links, images, number of html pages, and last-build ...
  3. 1,307 downloads
    sweetjs (0.1.0) See for more information about Sweet.js macros
  4. 1,193 downloads
    sweet-kit (0.4.0) MotionKit + SugarCube = SweetKit
  5. 3,587 downloads
    sweet-lang (0.3.7) Sweet is a pre-compiled language based on Ruby and Python. Sweet makes possible to use all t...
  6. 12,427 downloads
    sweetloader (0.1.6) sweet autoloading using file structure conventions while allowing configuration overrides for spe...
  7. 391 downloads
    sweet-logger (1.0.1) Betterer Rails logger that handles multi-threading well
  8. 521 downloads
    sweet_notifications (0.2.0) Syntactic sugar for ActiveSupport::LogSubscriber for easy instrumentation and logging from third-...
  9. 503 downloads
    sweet_params (0.1.0) Syntax sugar for Rails Strong Parameters.
  10. 574 downloads
    sweet_portfolio (0.1.0) Sweet Portfolio is an image gallery engine with nice frontend capabilities for Rails 3.1 apps (an...
  11. 3,779 downloads
    sweetsie (0.1.1) Sweetsie is a super simple framework that was designed to be used by Porject ADRIENNE. The basic...
  12. 192 downloads
    sweetsinatra (0.0.1) This gems will help you generate Sinatra Skeleton and CRUD Scaffold.
  13. 14,652 downloads
    sweettea (0.6.0) Some handlers for teacup that add the coercion abilities of sugarcube to the style abilities of t...
  14. 1,807 downloads
    SweetTea (0.0.6) SweetTea is a new language that can be compiled into javascript.
  15. 663 downloads
    sweettooth (1.1.0) Sweet Tooth is the easiest way to create powerful customer loyalty programs for your business. S...
  16. 10,872 downloads
    sweety_backy (0.0.21) Simple mechanism to configure and execute backups of folders and MySQL DBs and store them in loca...
  17. 1,367 downloads
    sweph4ruby (0.0.1) An astrology library
  18. 321 downloads
    swerling-cosell (0.0.2) Cosell is a minimal implementation of the 'Announcements' observer framework, originally introduc...
  19. 313 downloads
    swerling-sinotify (0.0.2) ALPHA Alert -- just uploaded initial release. Linux inotify is a means to receive events descri...
  20. 164 downloads
    swerling-synapse (0.0.1) Synapse is a web application framework that does practically nothing. Basically this is just a t...
  21. 481 downloads
    swerling-synfeld (0.0.4) Synfeld is a web application framework that does practically nothing. Synfeld is little more tha...
  22. 1,040 downloads
    swf_converter (0.0.3) Include SwfConverter on a class to get #convert_swf!, which writes PNGs from that object's SWF fi...
  23. 5,070 downloads
    swf_ditty (0.0.5) A simple and flexible Sinatra helper for embedding SWFs in your views. Depends on jQuery and jQue...
  24. 3,302 downloads
    swf_embed (0.0.6) Parameter Injector for Flash Lite
  25. 7,377 downloads
    swf_file (1.1.0) Based on the swfutil lib, by Dennis Zhuang, the SWF File is lightweight gem to read swf file head...
  26. 29,797 downloads
    swf_fu (2.0.4) Treat your swf files like other assets
  27. 3,955 downloads
    swfheader (0.22) A lightweight gem for reading swf headers and compressing/decompressing swf files.
  28. 6,777 downloads
    swfmill (0.0.6) swfmill bindings for Ruby
  29. 21,601 downloads
    swfobject-rails (2.0) This gem integrates swfobject with the Rails 3.x asset pipeline.
  30. 760 downloads
    swf-pipes (0.3.9) Various classes for dealing with system type pipes in linux