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  1. 1,399 downloads
    safeeval (0.0.1) More safe eval codes.
  2. 1,272 downloads
    safe_eval (0.1.0) safe_eval
  3. 1,247 downloads
    safe_fork (1.1.0) Safe forking for active record
  4. 4,241 downloads
    safeguard (0.1.1) Hash-based file integrity verification utility
  5. 1,074 downloads
    safeguard-api (0.2.1) Gem to access Safeguard API
  6. 1,270 downloads
    safeguard-devise (0.0.7) Safeguard Devise module
  7. 1,306 downloads
    safe_i18n (0.3.0) An I18n wrapper intended to simplify and expedite internationalization
  8. 565 downloads
    safe_in_place_editing (2.0.1) Safe In Place Editing Rails extension, providing flexible HTML safe in-place editing with string ...
  9. 765 downloads
    safe_intern (1.1.1) Safe implementation of String#intern
  10. 39,253 downloads
    safely (0.3.2) Safely run your code in a loving error reporting embrace
  11. 223 downloads
    safely_back (0.0.1) Prevents link_to :back from including any non URLs as a href
  12. 4,475 downloads
    safe-me (0.9.3) Add typechecking whenever you need it, without messing up your class files.
  13. 509 downloads
    safe-migrations (0.0.1) Assert rails migration safety at dev time
  14. 87,300 downloads
    safemode (1.2.0) A library for safe evaluation of Ruby code based on RubyParser and Ruby2Ruby. Provides Rails Acti...
  15. 145 downloads
    safe_money (0.0.1) represent cents with safe arithmetic
  16. 111 downloads
    safenav (0.2.0) An alternative to andand. Usage: SafeNav.nil_soak {}
  17. 918 downloads
    safe_nested_calls (0.0.1) Allows you to safely call nested methods on an object, returning nil if they are undefined.
  18. 7,283 downloads
    safer (0.4.1) Safer is an umbrella library, with components designed to make it simple to verify and improve th...
  19. 3,025 downloads
    safer_bus_api (1.0.3) The Department of Transportation maintains the SaferBusAPI to provide safety information pertaini...
  20. 2,217 downloads
    safe_redirection (0.0.3) A small library for sanitization of URLs for redirections in Rails
  21. 71 downloads
    saferpay (0.1.0.pre) Interact with Saferpay's HTTPS Interface with an object-oriented API wrapper built with HTTParty.
  22. 2,633 downloads
    sa-ferret ( Ferret is a port of the Java Lucene project. It is a powerful indexing and search lib...
  23. 1,185 downloads
    safer_send_file (0.0.1) implements safer_send_file method that allows sending files only from specified directories
  24. 916 downloads
    safe_ruby (1.0.1) Evaluates ruby code by writing it to a tempfile and spawning a child process. Uses a whitelist of...
  25. 32,721 downloads
    safe_shell (1.0.2) Execute shell commands and get the resulting output, but without the security problems of Ruby’...
  26. 1,032 downloads
    safe_spec (0.1) Raises NoMethodError if object does not respond to method when stubbing or setting expectations
  27. 218 downloads
    safety (1.0.0) Allows you to create type safe attributes in Ruby. Attributes may also have default values or laz...
  28. 308 downloads
    safety_check (0.0.3) Selectively add type safety to your methods.
  29. 25,915 downloads
    safety_mailer (0.0.7) Specify a domain (or set of domains, or magic word in email address) email is allowed to go to, a...
  30. 4,128 downloads
    safety_net (1.0.1) Backup/restore a mysql table in rails. Great for crazy data migrations where you want to keep a ...