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  1. 975 downloads
    safe_nested_calls (0.0.1) Allows you to safely call nested methods on an object, returning nil if they are undefined.
  2. 7,636 downloads
    safer (0.4.1) Safer is an umbrella library, with components designed to make it simple to verify and improve th...
  3. 3,592 downloads
    safer_bus_api (1.0.3) The Department of Transportation maintains the SaferBusAPI to provide safety information pertaini...
  4. 2,377 downloads
    safe_redirection (0.0.3) A small library for sanitization of URLs for redirections in Rails
  5. 89 downloads
    saferpay (0.1.0.pre) Interact with Saferpay's HTTPS Interface with an object-oriented API wrapper built with HTTParty.
  6. 2,689 downloads
    sa-ferret ( Ferret is a port of the Java Lucene project. It is a powerful indexing and search lib...
  7. 1,244 downloads
    safer_send_file (0.0.1) implements safer_send_file method that allows sending files only from specified directories
  8. 1,077 downloads
    safe_ruby (1.0.1) Evaluates ruby code by writing it to a tempfile and spawning a child process. Uses a whitelist of...
  9. 34,004 downloads
    safe_shell (1.0.2) Execute shell commands and get the resulting output, but without the security problems of Ruby’...
  10. 1,093 downloads
    safe_spec (0.1) Raises NoMethodError if object does not respond to method when stubbing or setting expectations
  11. 281 downloads
    safety (1.0.0) Allows you to create type safe attributes in Ruby. Attributes may also have default values or laz...
  12. 534 downloads
    safety_check (0.0.3) Selectively add type safety to your methods.
  13. 31,169 downloads
    safety_mailer (0.0.8) Specify a domain (or set of domains, or magic word in email address) email is allowed to go to, a...
  14. 4,283 downloads
    safety_net (1.0.1) Backup/restore a mysql table in rails. Great for crazy data migrations where you want to keep a ...
  15. 788 downloads
    safety_patrol (0.5.0) Simple framework agnostic Authorization gem
  16. 784 downloads
    safety_patrol_padrino (0.5.0) A few helpers for SafetyPatrol and Pardino
  17. 5,910 downloads
    safety_pin (0.0.8) An easy-to-use JCR connector for JRuby
  18. 3,565 downloads
    safety-pin (0.1.5) An easy-to-use JCR connector for JRuby
  19. 668 downloads
    safety_razor (0.1.0) Safety Razor - A Ruby client for the Razor API.
  20. 630 downloads
    safe_unrefine (1.0.0) Undefines the 'refine' method from Module safely
  21. 1,100 downloads
    safe_video_embed (0.1.0) Safely embed vimeo & youtube videos.
  22. 3,419,564 downloads
    safe_yaml (1.0.4) Parse YAML safely
  23. 33,834 downloads
    safe_yaml-instructure (0.8.0) Parse YAML safely, without that pesky arbitrary object deserialization vulnerability
  24. 583 downloads
    saffron (0.2.2) Saffron is a collection of sass mixins and helpers that make adding CSS3 animations and transitio...
  25. 914 downloads
    safiro (0.0.0) Aspects for ruby
  26. 170 downloads
    safis-logging (1.0.1) Logging made just a little bit easier.
  27. 171 downloads
    safis-safis-logging (1.0.0) Logging made just a little bit easier.
  28. 1,112 downloads
    safit (0.0.3) A command line notification utility
  29. 174 downloads
    safran (0.0.1) için CLI okuyucu
  30. 8,168 downloads
    safubot (0.0.9) A friendly event-driven chatbot framework. Supports Twitter and XMPP.