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  1. 931 downloads
    TrelloCycleTime (1.0.8) Calculates cycle time from cards on a trello board
  2. 2,784 downloads
    trello_effort_tracker (0.0.7) A tool to extract estimates and efforts from Trello
  3. 1,597 downloads
    trello_github (1.0.0) Create branches and pull-requests based on Trello card names
  4. 402 downloads
    trellohub (0.1.0) Trellohub is uniform task management by synchronizing the github issues and trello cards.
  5. 542 downloads
    trelloid (0.0.1) Trello automation DSL
  6. 1,758 downloads
    trello_lead_time (0.1.5) Lead and cycle time calculator for Trello boards.
  7. 34,245 downloads
    trema (0.4.7) Trema is a full-stack, easy-to-use framework for developing OpenFlow controllers in Ruby and C.
  8. 659 downloads
    tr_email_reply_parser (0.6.0) EmailReplyParser is a small library to parse plain text email content to return only the reply.
  9. 3,643 downloads
    trendi18n (0.9.3) Database backend for i18n (localization files are still supported). This is beta version so give ...
  10. 1,283 downloads
    trendy (0.1.2) A wrapper for the Twitter API that gets trends.
  11. 5,195 downloads
    trenni (1.3.0) Trenni is a templating system that evaluates textual strings containing Ruby code. It compiles ...
  12. 3,751 downloads
    trenni-formatters (0.4.2) Trenni is a templating system, and these formatters assist with the development of typical view...
  13. 1,669 downloads
    trenza (0.2.0) Adds laziness & parallelism to any Ruby object in a transparent way
  14. 1,777 downloads
    trepan8 (0.1.3-universal-ruby-1.9.2) A modular, testable, Ruby debugger using some of the best ideas from ruby-debug, other debuggers,...
  15. 9,915 downloads
    trepanning (0.1.6) A modular, testable, Ruby debugger using some of the best ideas from ruby-debug, other debuggers,...
  16. 2,003 downloads
    tre-ruby (0.1.1) Ruby binding for TRE library. Provides interface for approximate regular expression matching.
  17. 5,661 downloads
    tres (0.1.10) An ice cold mobile web development framework
  18. 948 downloads
    tres_bot (0.1) Tabletop Robot
  19. 1,174 downloads
    tres_delta (0.1.3) A Ruby client for 3Delta's credit card vault and payment gateway.
  20. 1,300 downloads
    tres-raya (0.0.3) Juego de tres en raya
  21. 51,713 downloads
    trestle_generator ( Industrial-strength scaffolding for Ruby on Rails application development. A drop-in replacement ...
  22. 785 downloads
    tretry (0.0.1) A library for doing retries in Ruby with timeouts, analysis of errors, waits between tries and more.
  23. 1,134 downloads
    trevi (0.0.3) An opinionated Sinatra structure
  24. 735 downloads
    trevor (0.0.1) Trevor tells you to do that thing you totally forgot to do.
  25. 6,413 downloads
    trex (1.0.9) trex is script simplifying the compilation of latex files by creating proper human-readable error...
  26. 3,621 downloads
    treyconnell-ruby-aaws (0.8.3) Ruby/AWS is a Ruby wrapper to the Amazon Product Advertising API. This version works with heroku ...
  27. 1,487 downloads
    tria (1.0.0) Tria is a multi-dimensional array based tree format, with a parent, child, and descendants for ea...
  28. 3,735 downloads
    triad (0.2.0) Triad allows you to access data from keys, descriptors, and values
  29. 8,295 downloads
    trial (0.0.17) Trial!
  30. 125 downloads
    triangle (0.0.1.beta) A continuous integration runner for the Raspberry Pi.