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  1. 2,510 downloads
    tweepml (0.3) TweepML is an XML format used to represent a list of Tweeps (Twitter users).
  2. 1,367 downloads
    tweet (0.6) A generalized notification daemon.
  3. 5,168 downloads
    tweetable (0.1.14) Track twitter messages and users in memory using Redis
  4. 4,621 downloads
    tweetabout ( Returns a list of frequently tweeted words
  5. 6,280 downloads
    tweetbot (0.3.0) Using tweetbot, you can easily create twitter bots that respond to key phrases that people say on...
  6. 17,040 downloads
    tweet-button (0.1.0) Generate Tweet buttons for your Rails apps
  7. 944 downloads
    tweetclock (0.0.1) Precise, time-based Twitter searches
  8. 604 downloads
    tweet_compressor (0.8.2) Compress tweets using a variety of common substitutions in order to maximize room for hashtags, c...
  9. 3,575 downloads
    tweetdump (0.1.3) Initially I created this because I wanted to compare the Streaming and Search APIs. ...
  10. 1,770 downloads
    tweeter-bachue (0.0.3) This is a gem to tweet in command line. It can also connect proxy by SSH to do it if the connecti...
  11. 2,743 downloads
    tweet_frequency (0.0.3) TweetFrequency will print out the most frequently used words in the most recent 1000 tweets, sort...
  12. 466 downloads
    tweetganic (0.0.1) Run Tweetganic
  13. 2,469 downloads
    tweethook (0.2.0) wrapper for the Tweethook API
  14. 1,799 downloads
    tweethose (0.0.2) TweetHose lets you easily generate a daemon that listens to the Twitter firehose. When keywords y...
  15. 8,062 downloads
    tweetline (0.0.9) Tweetline is a command line Twitter client for those who can't imagine a better interface to anyt...
  16. 28,160 downloads
    tweetlr (0.1.31) tweetlr crawls twitter for a given term, extracts photos out of the collected tweets' short urls ...
  17. 2,304 downloads
    tweetly (0.1.1) Twitter user timeline stats.
  18. 942 downloads
    tweetminer (0.0.1) TweetMiner implements some data mining algorithms using Twitter data and MongoDB.
  19. 4,977 downloads
    tweetparser (0.2.2) Extract content from tweets
  20. 2,074 downloads
    tweets (0.0.2) Tweet finder for strings
  21. 909 downloads
    tweetsentiments (0.1.1) A Ruby wrapper for the REST APIs
  22. 8,464 downloads
    tweetskim (0.8.1) Usage: tweetskim [options]
  23. 1,184 downloads
    tweetspeak (0.1.0) Minify your tweet without obfuscating (too much). l33t txt shorthand replacements for everyday wo...
  24. 110,168 downloads
    tweetstream (2.6.1) TweetStream is a simple wrapper for consuming the Twitter Streaming API.
  25. 2,559 downloads
    tweettail (1.1.0) Get the latest search results streaming to your console: $ tweettail railsconf rubysolo:...
  26. 554 downloads
    tweet_to_sounds (0.0.1) Apologize to Bundler and you'll get your gem back
  27. 4,595 downloads
    tweetwall (0.0.7) This Gem makes it very easy to add a wall of Tweets from a Twitter User in your web application.
  28. 17,901 downloads
    tweetwine (0.4.5) A simple but tasty Twitter agent for command line use, designed for quickly\nshowing the latest t...
  29. 740 downloads
    tweet-words (0.1.0) This is the gem to sort and print the words in a given twitter user’s last 'n' tweets sorted by f...
  30. 928 downloads
    tweety (0.0.1) Tweety is a command line app for Twitter