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  1. 4,380 downloads
    troshka (0.1.2) Troshka is an GUI Ruby console. It's an alternative to irb and other Ruby REPLs. Troshka i...
  2. 5,231 downloads
    trouble (0.0.7) A generic abstraction layer for reporting errors and Exceptions. This gem achieves independence o...
  3. 5,149 downloads
    trout (0.3) Trout allows you to maintain a base version of special files (like Gemfile) in one reposito...
  4. 1,016 downloads
    trove_oauth (0.0.1) A Ruby wrapper for the Trove API - inspired by twitter_oauth
  5. 2,589 downloads
    trowel (0.0.3) Loads ActiveRecord seed data from YAML
  6. 13,306 downloads
    troy (0.0.24) A static site generator
  7. 470 downloads
    troystribling-agent_xmpp (0.0.2) Agent XMPP is a ruby XMPP bot framework inspired by MVC web frameworks.
  8. 169 downloads
    troystribling-evma_xmlpushparser (0.0.1) This is a Ruby extension which wraps the xmlParseChunk functionality of the Gnome libxml2 library.
  9. 764 downloads
    trp_studio_game (1.0.0) This is the studio game read me
  10. 801 downloads
    tr_resque (1.20.1) Resque is a Redis-backed Ruby library for creating background jobs, placing those jobs on...
  11. 2,498 downloads
    trriad ( Ruby gem for dealing with several musical items like describing notes, transposing notes, build c...
  12. 996 downloads
    trtl (0.0.1) A Logo / style turtle graphics system for Ruby
  13. 826 downloads
    trubl (1.4.2) A Ruby interface to the Tout API.
  14. 936 downloads
    truby_license (0.1.0) Create and read True License files in ruby
  15. 2,417 downloads
    truck (0.8.6) Truck is an alternative autoloader that doesn't pollute the global namespace.
  16. 7,580 downloads
    trucker (0.5.1) Trucker is a gem for migrating legacy data into a Rails app
  17. 1,291 downloads
    trucker-cli (0.0.3) Friendly command-line interface for based on the cf gem.
  18. 366 downloads
    truco (0.0.1) A game engine to play truco.
  19. 2,667 downloads
    truc_trac (0.0.8) Truc Trac gem za ucenje pravljenja gemova
  20. 16,784 downloads
    true (1.0.1) Unit tests for maintaining test-driven Sass libraries.
  21. 2,623 downloads
    trueachievements (0.0.20) A library to extract information from the True Achievements Xbox gaming website.
  22. 368 downloads
    TrueCar-chef (0.10.0.beta.3) A systems integration framework, built to bring the benefits of configuration management to your ...
  23. 781 downloads
    truenames (0.0.1) Improve test failure output by introspecting variable names.
  24. 1,176 downloads
    true_queue (0.9.5) Queue is a proxy to several queueing libraries: a homegrown queue on top of Redis, an in-process ...
  25. 3,672 downloads
    true-random (1.1.2) Use the true random number service of RANDOM.ORG. The randomness comes from atmospheric noise, wh...
  26. 4,573 downloads
    truesenses (0.2.0) implementation of the http/https api for SMS gateway
  27. 13,760 downloads
    trueskill (1.0.0) A ruby library for the trueskill rating system
  28. 4,182 downloads
    trueskill-ranked (2.1) A improved TrueSkill with correct ranking order Now with Match Quality also fixed error with miss...
  29. 1,158 downloads
    true_test (0.1.0) Ruby testing framework for writing *true* tests
  30. 414 downloads
    true_units (0.0.1) The TrueUnits gem provides a simple way to display correct suffix for a noun depending on the num...