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  1. 727 downloads
    tyler_gem (0.0.0) Tyler's gem
  2. 321 downloads
    tyler_koala (1.2.0beta) Koala is a lightweight, flexible Ruby SDK for Facebook. It allows read/write access to the socia...
  3. 2,571 downloads
    tylerrick-bcms_blog (1.0.6) The Blog Module for BrowserCMS
  4. 1,801 downloads
    tylerrick-chef (0.10.9) A systems integration framework, built to bring the benefits of configuration management to your ...
  5. 2,269 downloads
    tyop (0.0.2) Adds typos to a string.
  6. 586 downloads
    typable_map (0.0.1) TypableMap library inspired by TweetIrcGateway and FacebookIrcGateway
  7. 563 downloads
    type (0.2.0) The `Type` gem provides tools for type-validation and type-casting, and is useful for ensuring we...
  8. 260 downloads
    typeahead-addresspicker-rails (0.0.2) This asset gem packages the typeahead-addresspicker.js for the Rails asset pipeline.
  9. 7,794 downloads
    typeahead-rails (0.10.1) Twitter Typeahead.js with Rails asset pipeline
  10. 2,201 downloads
    type_array (0.3) TypeArray - Ruby implementation of the ECMAScript spec (
  11. 1,164 downloads
    typecast (0.0.2) Type casting of attributes defined in superclass or realized through method_missing. Works only f...
  12. 3,618 downloads
    typecaster (0.0.1) Typecaster make easy the job of create plain old ruby object with formatted values
  13. 427 downloads
    typecheck (0.1.1) Type checking for Ruby methods.
  14. 5,682 downloads
    typecollection (0.0.11) Easily map subtypes into their parent type for later retrieval
  15. 13,187 downloads
    typed (0.3.0) Typed::Hash
  16. 3,755 downloads
    typed_accessors (0.3.0) Typed accessors creates a set of accessors with a predefined typed. Often when dealing with webse...
  17. 6,906 downloads
    typed-array (0.1.2) All methods that alter the contents of an array that implements this Gem are first checked ...
  18. 995 downloads
    typed_attr (0.2.0) Typed Attributes and Composite Types for Functional Programming in Ruby
  19. 1,461 downloads
    typed_attributes (0.0.2) Casts non-persistent model fields to their respective types, just like ActiveRecord does.
  20. 2,113 downloads
    typed-class (0.5.1) Allows you to define very simple classes with immutable variables, type safe constructors, and ge...
  21. 985 downloads
    typed-enum (0.0.1) A type-safe(ish) way to provide a constrained set of enumerated values that support basic enumera...
  22. 2,308 downloads
    typedeploy (0.1.1) A rubygem which provides several rake tasks to allow you to interact with the Typekit API direc...
  23. 2,577 downloads
    typed_fields (0.0.3) Type conversions based on fields' types. Similar to what ActiveRecord does.
  24. 2,689 downloads
    typed-matcher (0.0.3) Define groups of matchers to determine what type of item a strng is
  25. 448 downloads
    typedocs (0.0.1) Human readable type annotations
  26. 15,075 downloads
    typedown (0.0.14) Typedown is a markdown preprocessor which forwards it's output to a markdown parser. Presently bl...
  27. 3,393 downloads
    typedown2blog (0.1.2) The script will forward to the blog via a Mail2Blog interface.
  28. 17,802 downloads
    typed_serialize (1.0.0) Typed serialize makes sure your serialized attribute is always the specified type.
  29. 1,914 downloads
    typed_set (2.1.0) reduce the number of loop in your code. Instead of students.each do |student| student.enrol(class...
  30. 944 downloads
    typed-store (0.4.0) As Postgres HStore column doesn't store types, when you use this in conjuection with store_access...