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  1. 2,037 downloads
    typho-twitter (0.2.3) A Twitter client for performing a batch of Twitter calls in parallel.
  2. 985 downloads
    typie (0.1.0) Typie helps you create kits with custom domains for each of your users' custom domains. This allo...
  3. 7,735 downloads
    typingpool (0.8.10) An app for transcribing audio using Mechanical Turk
  4. 1,886 downloads
    typisch (0.1.6) A schema language / type system / validation framework, for semi-structured data and for data in ...
  5. 436 downloads
    typist (0.0.2) Algebraic data types for Ruby
  6. 45,916 downloads
    typo (6.1.0) Since Typo has been in existence since March 2005, it is likely the oldest blogging platform in R...
  7. 901 downloads
    typofixer (0.0.1) puts を purs とか typo したときに推測して puts を呼び出したうえでログを出力するデバッガ的なあれ
  8. 2,516 downloads
    typograf (0.0.4) Universal tool for preparing russian text for web publishing. Ruby wrapper for webser...
  9. 1,527 downloads
    typograf_ru (0.0.2) Gem adds ability to format russian text by for AcitveRecord attributes.
  10. 615 downloads
    typograph (0.0.1.pre.1) Gem for typographing russian texts. Ruby port of SamDark's Typograph
  11. 3,862 downloads
    typographer (0.5) This gem makes text more readable by applying some typographic rules to string. This is a fork of...
  12. 981 downloads
    typographer-addons (0.1.0) Additional plugins for typographer gem
  13. 1,830 downloads
    typographica (0.1) Класс для типографической коррекции русского текста в HTML согласно правилам русского языка. Полн...
  14. 2,932 downloads
    typographic-unit (0.2.0) typographic-unit is a Ruby library for converting between typographic units by TeX's way.
  15. 4,368 downloads
    typography (0.3.0) This gem makes text more readable by applying some typographic rules to string.
  16. 1,316 downloads
    typogrify (0.0.1) Thanks to Pat Allan & his regex-fu, Anthony Kolber ( for showi...
  17. 1,581 downloads
    typogrowth (0.9.8) Gem provides string monkeypatches to typograph strings
  18. 23,758 downloads
    typogruby (1.0.16) Improve web typography using various text filters. This gem prevents widows and applies markup to...
  19. 470 downloads
    typo-rails (0.1.1) Typo.css for rails
  20. 1,280 downloads
    typo_safe (0.0.2) Make your Ruby code typo safe
  21. 3,471 downloads
    typrtail (0.0.3) typrtail is a toy program. It simulates a person typing a file, it is suitable to be u...
  22. 97,347 downloads
    typus (3.1.10) Ruby on Rails Admin Panel (Engine) to allow trusted users edit structured content.
  23. 1,901 downloads
    typus_treeview (0.1.1) Implements treeview via jquery.treeview for models using acts_as_tree.
  24. 21,772 downloads
    tyrantmanager (1.7.7) A command line tool for managing Tokyo Tyrant instances. It allows for the creation, starting, s...
  25. 2,642 downloads
    tyrion (0.3.0) Tyrion's goal is to provide a fast (as in _easy to setup_) and dirty unstructured document store.
  26. 10,945 downloads
    tyrone (0.10.0) care the shit out of your ui
  27. 627 downloads
    tyt (0.1.1) Track Your Turns (tyt) provides a wrapper to ski area turn tracking data sets
  28. 2,562 downloads
    tytus (0.1.0) Tytus gives you a declarative manner in which to title your pages in order to improve overall des...
  29. 145 downloads
    tz (0.0.1) Displays UTC time/datatime objects in a specified timezone.
  30. 2,627 downloads
    tzdetect (0.1.3) Detects timezone by address or location using google or geoname web service