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  1. 2,769 downloads
    tattletail (0.0.3) Provides a method to watch specific methods and print them when they are called
  2. 901 downloads
    tattletale (0.0.0) Tools for collecting and processing abuse reports
  3. 1,998 downloads
    tattoo (0.1.2) Tattoo is a (very) simple tool to decorate text as links based off of regular expressions and url...
  4. 1,739 downloads
    tau (0.1.1) tau provide you write web pages on haml, stylesheets on sass and scripts on coffee.
  5. 503 downloads
    tauday (1.0.1) Introduces Tau as the true circle constant. See
  6. 881 downloads
    taulukko (0.1.0) Generates easy grepable and cutable tables
  7. 2,562 downloads
    taunt (0.2.0) Need your computer to hurl abuse at you? Broke the build? Dude walked in everyone hates? use this...
  8. 1,524 downloads
    tavern (1.0.0) Tavern implements simple pub / sub systems for Rails applications with a simple, extendable archi...
  9. 1,494 downloads
    taverna-baclava (1.0.1) A Ruby library to support the reading and writing of the Baclava data format.
  10. 1,504 downloads
    taverna-player (0.6.0) Taverna Player is a Ruby on Rails plugin to run Taverna Workflows using Taverna Server. Taverna P...
  11. 1,888 downloads
    taverna-scufl (0.7.2) This a gem developed by myGrid for the purpose of interacting with Taverna 1 workflows. An examp...
  12. 12,302 downloads
    taverna-t2flow (0.5.1) This a gem developed by myGrid for the purpose of interacting with Taverna 2 workflows. An exampl...
  13. 703 downloads
    tavern-history (0.0.1) Adds support for history to tavern.
  14. 1,431 downloads
    tavern-redis (0.0.2) Implements a Redis-based hub for Redis.
  15. 265 downloads
    tavignano (0.0.0.pre) A tool to help automate more complex Heroku deploys, stage pushes, and rollbacks
  16. 5,680 downloads
    tawork (0.0.45) Wiki and Tickets
  17. 21,281 downloads
    taxamatch_rb (1.0.1) This gem implements algorithm for fuzzy matching scientific names developed by Tony Rees
  18. 29,684 downloads
    tax_cloud (0.3.0) Calculate sales tax using the API
  19. 1,651 downloads
    TaxCloud (1.0.1) This gem allows you to easily integration your Ruby application with the TaxCloud web services
  20. 1,116 downloads
    tax_code (0.0.3) TaxCode scans git commit history and calculates maintenance tax for each file
  21. 3,817 downloads
    taxedo (0.0.6) This rubygem does not have a description or summary.
  22. 813 downloads
    taxi (0.0.1) A gem to learn a new language
  23. 922 downloads
    taxis (0.0.1) Rails engine that adds a simple taxonomy structure to your application
  24. 666 downloads
    taxman (0.0.1) Integrate the TaxCloud service in your app.
  25. 1,156 downloads
    taxonifi (0.2.0) Taxonifi contains simple models and utilties of use in for parsing lists of taxonomic name (life)...
  26. 863 downloads
    taxonomy (0.0.1) tagging with namespace and tree.
  27. 494 downloads
    taxon_reporter (0.0.3) Supports collecting data from a variety of biodiversity source about a given taxon and its descen...
  28. 3,253 downloads
    tay (0.1.0) Tay helps you develop Chrome extensions
  29. 1,641 downloads
    tayu (0.0.3) Provides a resource endpoint for RunDeck from a PuppetDB server
  30. 1,121 downloads
    taz (0.0.1) Push your test suite into the cloud.