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  1. 3,678 downloads
    tabtab (0.9.2) Create and install double-tab ('tab tab') auto-completions for any command-line application on a...
  2. 915 downloads
    tabula (0.0.1) Tabula accepts raw data from sources like RabbitMQ, aggregates them as configured, and draws grap...
  3. 3,751 downloads
    tabula-extractor (0.7.2-java) extract tables from PDF files
  4. 10,548 downloads
    tabular (0.2.4) Tabular is a Ruby library for reading, writing, and manipulating CSV, tab-delimited and Excel data.
  5. 11,802 downloads
    tabularasa ( This Rails gem gives you the ability to call to_csv to a collection of homogenous activerecords a...
  6. 1,137 downloads
    tabula_rasa (0.0.5) An opinionated yet simple table generator for Rails
  7. 422 downloads
    tabular_code (0.1.0) Convertion for tabular codes like Chinese quwei and Japanese kuten
  8. 1,964 downloads
    tabular_data (0.0.21) A library for parsing tabular data.
  9. 12,667 downloads
    tabularize (0.2.9) Formatting tabular data with paddings and alignments
  10. 947 downloads
    tabular-text (0.0.2) You know those times when you're dealing with a 10-year-old government API and they require a tex...
  11. 2,666 downloads
    tabulate (0.1.2) Create fancy command line tables with ease.
  12. 13,939 downloads
    tabulatr (0.4.2) A tight DSL to build tables of ActiveRecord or Mongoid models with sorting, pagination, finding/f...
  13. 3,925 downloads
    tabulatr2 (0.9.4) A tight DSL to build tables of ActiveRecord models with sorting, pagination, finding/filtering, s...
  14. 27,990 downloads
    tabulous (2.1.0) Tabulous provides an easy way to add tabs to your Rails application.
  15. 1,302 downloads
    tac (0.6.1) tac is Client library and CLI of Tongtech Co.,Ltd that provides access to the TongAppCloud base o...
  16. 4,903 downloads
    tacacs_plus (1.0.0) TacacsPlus is a module and collection of classes for working with the TACACS+ protocol created by...
  17. 1,158 downloads
    tacape (0.0.6) A command-line tool that gathers some years of personal crafting.
  18. 4,219 downloads
    tac-cli (0.1.0) Test automation client tool
  19. 1,338 downloads
    tac_gem (0.0.2) TongAppCloud is deployment tool of TAAS
  20. 440 downloads
    tacgo (0.0.4) Time and track pomodori against the top task in Taco
  21. 12,336 downloads
    tach (0.0.8) Simple benchmarking with noticable progress and pretty results.
  22. 5,602 downloads
    tache (0.2.10) Full Mustache implementation plus 'safe views'.
  23. 5,427 downloads
    tachikoma (4.0.4) Interval pull requester with bundle/carton update.
  24. 778 downloads
    tachometer (0.0.1) This rubygem does not have a description or summary.
  25. 2,312 downloads
    tack (0.0.1) A Rack-inspired interface for testing libraries
  26. 203 downloads
    tackle (0.0.1) Ruby gem for instrumenting your code
  27. 890 downloads
    taco (0.0.1) Manages todo items from the command line
  28. 4,342 downloads
    taco_it (1.5.3) A command line driven issue tracking system based on a JSON (text) file back-end
  29. 1,202 downloads
    tacoma (1.0.6) Easy command line tool for AWS credentials management
  30. 6,379 downloads
    tactful_tokenizer (0.0.2) A high accuracy naive bayesian sentence tokenizer based on Splitta.