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  1. 1,001 downloads
    tabloid (0.0.1) Tabloid allows the creation of cacheable report data using a straightforward DSL and output to H...
  2. 1,303 downloads
    tablr (0.2) Create tables easily with Tablr in your console.
  3. 2,551 downloads
    tab_menu (0.0.2) Rails Gem to generate tabs
  4. 10,414 downloads
    tabnav (1.2.0) Rails helper for generating navbars in a declarative manner
  5. 710 downloads
    taboo_reactive_search (0.0.2) taboo reactive search to solve travelling salesman
  6. 364 downloads
    taboo_search (0.0.1) taboo search to solve travelling salesman
  7. 9,280 downloads
    tabs (1.0.1) A redis-backed metrics tracker for keeping tabs on pretty much anything ;)
  8. 1,342 downloads
    tabs2spaces (0.0.7) Covert all tabs in spaces using the shell command expand
  9. 1,673 downloads
    tabscroll (1.1.0) Scrolls a textual guitar tab on the terminal. It supports forward and backwards auto-scrolling an...
  10. 117,080 downloads
    tabs_on_rails (2.2.0) TabsOnRails is a simple Rails plugin for creating tabs and navigation menus.
  11. 981 downloads
    tabster (0.1.0) Rails tabs generation library
  12. 4,021 downloads
    tabtab (0.9.2) Create and install double-tab ('tab tab') auto-completions for any command-line application on a...
  13. 1,060 downloads
    tabula (0.0.1) Tabula accepts raw data from sources like RabbitMQ, aggregates them as configured, and draws grap...
  14. 5,803 downloads
    tabula-extractor (0.7.5-java) extract tables from PDF files
  15. 12,878 downloads
    tabular (0.2.7) Tabular is a Ruby library for reading, writing, and manipulating CSV, tab-delimited and Excel data.
  16. 13,714 downloads
    tabularasa ( This Rails gem gives you the ability to call to_csv to a collection of homogenous activerecords a...
  17. 1,780 downloads
    tabula_rasa (0.0.5) An opinionated yet simple table generator for Rails
  18. 555 downloads
    tabular_code (0.1.0) Convertion for tabular codes like Chinese quwei and Japanese kuten
  19. 2,321 downloads
    tabular_data (0.0.21) A library for parsing tabular data.
  20. 15,200 downloads
    tabularize (0.2.9) Formatting tabular data with paddings and alignments
  21. 1,198 downloads
    tabular-text (0.0.2) You know those times when you're dealing with a 10-year-old government API and they require a tex...
  22. 3,174 downloads
    tabulate (0.1.2) Create fancy command line tables with ease.
  23. 15,735 downloads
    tabulatr (0.4.2) A tight DSL to build tables of ActiveRecord or Mongoid models with sorting, pagination, finding/f...
  24. 6,922 downloads
    tabulatr2 (0.9.12) A tight DSL to build tables of ActiveRecord models with sorting, pagination, finding/filtering, s...
  25. 33,728 downloads
    tabulous (2.1.1) Tabulous provides an easy way to add tabs to your Rails application.
  26. 1,547 downloads
    tac (0.6.1) tac is Client library and CLI of Tongtech Co.,Ltd that provides access to the TongAppCloud base o...
  27. 5,440 downloads
    tacacs_plus (1.0.0) TacacsPlus is a module and collection of classes for working with the TACACS+ protocol created by...
  28. 1,524 downloads
    tacape (0.0.6) A command-line tool that gathers some years of personal crafting.
  29. 5,139 downloads
    tac-cli (0.1.0) Test automation client tool
  30. 1,591 downloads
    tac_gem (0.0.2) TongAppCloud is deployment tool of TAAS