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  1. 8,463 downloads
    timecapsule (1.1.0) Great for creating seed data from data entered through your app's ui or the console
  2. 1,931 downloads
    timecard (0.0.2) Simple UNIX shell time tracker
  3. 1,620 downloads
    time_chunk (1.0.0) Iterate over time ranges in discrete chunks.
  4. 2,200 downloads
    timechunker (0.1.1) Simple class to chunk a time range into ranges of a defined size.
  5. 8,234 downloads
    timeclock (1.0.0) A simple console based clock in/clock out system.
  6. 2,301 downloads
    time_clock (0.0.8) Calculate the business time for a period of time.
  7. 16,201 downloads
    timecode (1.1.2) Value class for SMPTE timecode information
  8. 264 downloads
    timecoder (0.0.1) Given a time in seconds it returns a formatted timecode (hh:mm:ss) and given a formatted timecode...
  9. 949 downloads
    time_compact (0.3.0) Displays time compactly.
  10. 4,917 downloads
    time_constants (0.2) Time constants, in seconds, so you don't have to use slow ActiveSupport helpers.
  11. 3,817,684 downloads
    timecop (0.7.1) A gem providing "time travel" and "time freezing" capabilities, making it dead simple to test tim...
  12. 4,007 downloads
    timecop-console (0.3.1) TimecopConsole manipulates using Timecop gem.
  13. 92 downloads
    timecost (0.0.1) Use GIT logs to give an estimation of spent time & costs of your projects.
  14. 12,395 downloads
    time_crisis (0.3.5) date and time related extensions
  15. 277 downloads
    timecrunch (0.0.3) A basic timing application you can use from the command line
  16. 1,248 downloads
    timecube (0.0.0) Nature's harmonic simultaneous 4-day time cube
  17. 2,179 downloads
    time_date_helpers (0.0.2) The initial version has only a few date and time helpers and was created primarily for teaching p...
  18. 19,178 downloads
    timedcache (0.4.0) TimedCache implements a cache in which you can place objects and specify a timeout value. If you...
  19. 3,348 downloads
    timed_config (0.1.1) Load a YAML config every X minutes
  20. 2,451 downloads
    timed_fragment_cache (0.0.1) You'll be able to automatically invalidate a cache on a specified time.
  21. 89,957 downloads
    time_diff (0.3.0) It returns a hash file with the difference in terms of year, month, week, day, hour, minute and s...
  22. 31,570 downloads
    time_difference (0.3.2) TimeDifference is the missing Ruby method to calculate difference between two given time. You can...
  23. 1,568 downloads
    time_distribution (1.1.0) Gem for creating time distribution management systems
  24. 888 downloads
    timed_lru (0.3.1) Thread-safe LRU implementation with (optional) TTL and constant time operations
  25. 2,911 downloads
    timed_report (0.0.8) Create reports in your script with timing information.
  26. 3,976 downloads
    timed_rest_for_chef (0.0.5) Timed REST for Chef
  27. 2,303 downloads
    timed_specs (0.0.2) A Rspec formatter built upon the default DocumentationFormatter which shows the time taken f...
  28. 883 downloads
    time-elapsed (0.0.2) Adds elapsed time functionality to rubys time
  29. 1,022 downloads
    time_elapser (0.0.1) Helper to create queries using time intervals helping databases to cache most used queries easier
  30. 25,224 downloads
    time_ext (0.2.9) Extends the abilities of Ruby's built-in Time class by building on top of ActiveSupport.