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  1. 357 downloads
    timecrunch (0.0.3) A basic timing application you can use from the command line
  2. 1,264 downloads
    timecube (0.0.0) Nature's harmonic simultaneous 4-day time cube
  3. 2,214 downloads
    time_date_helpers (0.0.2) The initial version has only a few date and time helpers and was created primarily for teaching p...
  4. 19,552 downloads
    timedcache (0.4.0) TimedCache implements a cache in which you can place objects and specify a timeout value. If you...
  5. 3,377 downloads
    timed_config (0.1.1) Load a YAML config every X minutes
  6. 2,516 downloads
    timed_fragment_cache (0.0.1) You'll be able to automatically invalidate a cache on a specified time.
  7. 93,260 downloads
    time_diff (0.3.0) It returns a hash file with the difference in terms of year, month, week, day, hour, minute and s...
  8. 35,664 downloads
    time_difference (0.3.2) TimeDifference is the missing Ruby method to calculate difference between two given time. You can...
  9. 1,614 downloads
    time_distribution (1.1.0) Gem for creating time distribution management systems
  10. 905 downloads
    timed_lru (0.3.1) Thread-safe LRU implementation with (optional) TTL and constant time operations
  11. 3,002 downloads
    timed_report (0.0.8) Create reports in your script with timing information.
  12. 4,048 downloads
    timed_rest_for_chef (0.0.5) Timed REST for Chef
  13. 2,365 downloads
    timed_specs (0.0.2) A Rspec formatter built upon the default DocumentationFormatter which shows the time taken f...
  14. 915 downloads
    time-elapsed (0.0.2) Adds elapsed time functionality to rubys time
  15. 1,037 downloads
    time_elapser (0.0.1) Helper to create queries using time intervals helping databases to cache most used queries easier
  16. 25,641 downloads
    time_ext (0.2.9) Extends the abilities of Ruby's built-in Time class by building on top of ActiveSupport.
  17. 3,028 downloads
    time_for_a_boolean (0.0.5) Use timestamp values to represent boolean data such as deleted, published, or subscribed.
  18. 935 downloads
    timeformatter (0.0.3) format it to yyyy-dd-mm
  19. 850 downloads
    time_formatter (0.0.2) A convenient wrapper to Time#strftime
  20. 17,540 downloads
    timeframe (0.2.1) A Ruby class for describing and interacting with timeframes.
  21. 2,591 downloads
    time_frame (0.4.1) TimeFrame
  22. 1,346 downloads
    timeframeable (0.1.0) controller module for extracting datetime range from request params
  23. 1,042 downloads
    timeframes (0.0.1) Manage start-stop timeframes and a series of timeframes for pattern matching and iterating.
  24. 2,882 downloads
    time_freeze (0.1.1) The simplest possible way to freeze time
  25. 3,728 downloads
    time-freezer (0.0.4) These gem freezes and unfreezes time to be able to correctly test in specs
  26. 1,225 downloads
    time_helper (1.0.0) Some of the functions I've really liked in ActiveSupport but without relying on ActiveSupport
  27. 6,169 downloads
    time-helper (2.0.1) Adds a few methods to the Time class, more significant: strtotime which returns a Time obj...
  28. 193 downloads
    time_humanizer (0.0.1) Formats seconds to readable time format i.e. 8h05m and vice versa
  29. 342 downloads
    time_inputs (0.0.1) Helper to parse strings to time objects in various formats
  30. 3,504 downloads
    time_interval (0.1.2) Useful for dividing up linear time into nested intervals