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  1. 1,457 downloads
    timeline_word_frequency (0.0.2) Discover words frequently used by a Twitter in their status updates
  2. 610 downloads
    timelog (0.0.1) Time logger
  3. 9,422 downloads
    timelog4r (0.3.3) TimelogAPI for ruby.
  4. 3,642 downloads
    TimeLogger (0.0.2) This rubygem does not have a description or summary.
  5. 435 downloads
    timeloop (1.0.3) Timeloop is a simple Ruby gem that provides loop with time interval.
  6. 5,212 downloads
    timelord (0.0.7) Pull dates out of strings
  7. 20,808 downloads
    time-lord (1.0.1) Managing concepts of time and space in Ruby
  8. 189 downloads
    time-lord-chinese (0.0.2) This is a gem that adds a ton of extras to the Time class.
  9. 2,226 downloads
    timely (0.0.2) See README for full details on how to install, use, etc.
  10. 1,600 downloads
    timely_reports (0.9.2) Create reports about periods of time in your database.
  11. 1,458 downloads
    time_machine (0.0.2) Development tool for changing in your rails app
  12. 758 downloads
    time_machine_tools (1.0.0) Tools that copy data off Apple time machine backups on systems that do not support the style of d...
  13. 1,232 downloads
    timemaster (0.1.0) Creates buckets for a given resolution and will create all the appropriate links
  14. 370 downloads
    time_methods (1.0.0) Converts time and time intervals to human readable forms.
  15. 2,614 downloads
    time_of_day (0.1.1) Adds time-only capabilities to the Time class and maps the Rails time type correctly to a time wi...
  16. 1,271 downloads
    time_of_day_attr (0.0.4) Adds time_of_day_attr to your models. Will try to convert time of day to seconds since midnight w...
  17. 659 downloads
    time_only (1.0.0) A simple class for handling time and only time. No dates, no time zones, just good old time of day.
  18. 6,045 downloads
    timeout (0.0.0) A timeout extension for Ruby which plugs into multiple timeout backends
  19. 2,654 downloads
    timeout_cache (0.0.2) Simple time-based cache.
  20. 2,666 downloads
    timeout-interrupt (0.3.0) Timeout-lib, which interrupts everything, also systemcalls. It uses libc-alarm.
  21. 2,836 downloads
    timeoutx (0.3.0) TimeoutX provides a lightweight timeout function.
  22. 2,228 downloads
    timepad (0.1.3) Gem that provide access to api
  23. 2,736 downloads
    timeparser (0.0.3) Parses time information from strings.
  24. 1,231 downloads
    time_parse_to_utc (0.0.1) This gem extends the Time class with parse_to_utc method, which parses a string and returns a Tim...
  25. 926 downloads
    time_period (0.0.1) Store time periods as "1 week" or "2 months" in a single column, with reasonable simple_form support
  26. 342 downloads
    timepiece (0.0.5) Timepiece provides an accurate digital clock to your Rails applications, refreshed by a jQuery sc...
  27. 433 downloads
    time_pilot (0.0.3) Configure enabled features for a specific set of users.
  28. 529 downloads
    time_pup (0.0.1) A simple natural language date time parser extracted from Perfect for parsing the local...
  29. 18,920 downloads
    timer (0.2) Simple timer to perform a block and display the elapsed time.
  30. 1,239 downloads
    timerage (1.1.2) Simple refinement to Range to allow Time or Date as arguments