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  1. 224 downloads
    time-lord-chinese (0.0.2) This is a gem that adds a ton of extras to the Time class.
  2. 2,278 downloads
    timely (0.0.2) See README for full details on how to install, use, etc.
  3. 1,661 downloads
    timely_reports (0.9.2) Create reports about periods of time in your database.
  4. 1,507 downloads
    time_machine (0.0.2) Development tool for changing in your rails app
  5. 781 downloads
    time_machine_tools (1.0.0) Tools that copy data off Apple time machine backups on systems that do not support the style of d...
  6. 1,254 downloads
    timemaster (0.1.0) Creates buckets for a given resolution and will create all the appropriate links
  7. 396 downloads
    time_methods (1.0.0) Converts time and time intervals to human readable forms.
  8. 2,700 downloads
    time_of_day (0.1.1) Adds time-only capabilities to the Time class and maps the Rails time type correctly to a time wi...
  9. 1,355 downloads
    time_of_day_attr (0.0.4) Adds time_of_day_attr to your models. Will try to convert time of day to seconds since midnight w...
  10. 683 downloads
    time_only (1.0.0) A simple class for handling time and only time. No dates, no time zones, just good old time of day.
  11. 8,127 downloads
    timeout (0.0.0) A timeout extension for Ruby which plugs into multiple timeout backends
  12. 2,701 downloads
    timeout_cache (0.0.2) Simple time-based cache.
  13. 2,773 downloads
    timeout-interrupt (0.3.0) Timeout-lib, which interrupts everything, also systemcalls. It uses libc-alarm.
  14. 2,879 downloads
    timeoutx (0.3.0) TimeoutX provides a lightweight timeout function.
  15. 2,288 downloads
    timepad (0.1.3) Gem that provide access to api
  16. 2,799 downloads
    timeparser (0.0.3) Parses time information from strings.
  17. 1,256 downloads
    time_parse_to_utc (0.0.1) This gem extends the Time class with parse_to_utc method, which parses a string and returns a Tim...
  18. 950 downloads
    time_period (0.0.1) Store time periods as "1 week" or "2 months" in a single column, with reasonable simple_form support
  19. 1,032 downloads
    timepiece (0.1.4) Timepiece provides an accurate digital clock to your Rails applications, refreshed by a jQuery sc...
  20. 516 downloads
    time_pilot (0.0.3) Configure enabled features for a specific set of users.
  21. 555 downloads
    time_pup (0.0.1) A simple natural language date time parser extracted from Perfect for parsing the local...
  22. 19,208 downloads
    timer (0.2) Simple timer to perform a block and display the elapsed time.
  23. 1,344 downloads
    timerage (1.1.2) Simple refinement to Range to allow Time or Date as arguments
  24. 749 downloads
    timerange (0.0.4) Time ranges for Ruby
  25. 1,343 downloads
    time_range ( Time ranges Intersection, union, etc
  26. 2,371 downloads
    timerator (0.1.1) timerator takes a start and end Time and allows the programmer to iterate for different segments ...
  27. 2,473 downloads
    time_recurrence (0.0.1) A small library to handle time recurring events
  28. 1,211 downloads
    time_remaining (0.0.8) This gem uses a moving average of previous task execution durations and how much work is still re...
  29. 170 downloads
    time_report (0.0.1) Time reporting gem for plain text todos
  30. 58,046 downloads
    timerizer (0.1.4) A simple set of Rails-like time helpers