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  1. 500 downloads
    tag_sha (0.0.1) To add Tags
  2. 1,096 downloads
    tag_sharkhorse (0.0.2) This friendly sharkhorse gives you tags in your Rails app.
  3. 1,065 downloads
    tag_simonsez (0.0.2) This friendly SimonSez gem that gives you tags in your Rails app.
  4. 3,809 downloads
    tagsinput-rails ( Magically convert a simple text input into a cool tag list with this jQuery plugin. This ...
  5. 851 downloads
    tagsinput-rails4 ( Magically convert a simple text input into a cool tag list with this jQuery plugin. This ...
  6. 550 downloads
    tag_skunk (0.0.1) This friendly skunk gives you tags in your Rails app.
  7. 1,055 downloads
    tag_snotmonkey (0.0.2) This friendly snotmonkey gives you tags in your Rails app.
  8. 721 downloads
    tagstand (0.0.1) Implements the complete functionality of the Tagstand Tag Manager API beta (v0.2).
  9. 1,514 downloads
    tag_tapir (0.1.0) This friendly tapir gives you tags in your Rails app.
  10. 39,439 downloads
    tagtical (1.6.2) Tagtical allows you do create subclasses for Tag and add additional functionality in an STI fashi...
  11. 540 downloads
    tag_tiger (0.0.1) My very short and useless gem which I created at railsconf
  12. 4,058 downloads
    tagtools (0.0.3) Implements a simple system for handling tagging of items in a database.
  13. 25,935 downloads
    tagtreescanner (0.8.1) The TagTreeScanner class provides a generic framework for creating a nested hierarchy of tags and...
  14. 601 downloads
    tag_uri (0.0.5) An implementation of tag URI's. See
  15. 2,667 downloads
    tagurit (0.4) Watches multiple types of VCS repositories for new tags.
  16. 2,667 downloads
    tagutils (0.2.2) tagutils - tag utilities (tag, taggings, tag list, etc.)
  17. 38,540 downloads
    tagz (9.9.2) tagz.rb is generates html, xml, or any sgml variant like a small ninja running a...
  18. 3,034 downloads
    tai64 (0.0.5) Work with TAI64 timestamps
  19. 2,372 downloads
    taifu (0.1.1) taifu brings YouTube sound to your iTunes library silently
  20. 2,248 downloads
    tail (0.1.5) In order to have a quick access to your .log files this gem provides *nix `tail` command function...
  21. 2,658 downloads
    tail-cf-plugin (0.0.12.pre) CF command line tool to tail CF Application Logs
  22. 809 downloads
    tailer (1.0.0) Tailer is a utility for streaming files over SSH
  23. 1,170 downloads
    tail_from_sentinel (0.0.1) Reads a file, but only return content once a marker (sentinel) has been found.
  24. 463 downloads
    tailgate (0.0.1) the easy way to append data to a google drive spreadsheet
  25. 811 downloads
    tail_log (0.0.2) Gem for easy logs view
  26. 768 downloads
    tail-log (0.0.2) Shows the rails logs in the browser at /logs.
  27. 295 downloads
    tailnudge (0.0.1) Tailnudge displays OS notifications when a tailed file matches a pattern; useful for being nudged...
  28. 68,812 downloads
    tailor (1.4.0) tailor parses Ruby files and measures them with some style and static analysis "rulers". Default...
  29. 766 downloads
    tailored-etsy (0.2.2) A friendly Ruby interface to the Etsy API
  30. 4,556 downloads
    tailor-hook (0.2.1) pre-commit hook, that checks ruby-style