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  1. 9,566 downloads
    tokyo_cache_cow (0.0.11) This rubygem does not have a description or summary.
  2. 1,253 downloads
    tokyocafe (0.0.2) TokyoCafe is a set of classes to help you talk to TokyoCabinet ( ...
  3. 1,331 downloads
    tokyomessenger (0.5) A C based TokyoTyrant Ruby adapter that doesn't require TokyoCabinet or TokyoTyrant to be installed
  4. 1,292 downloads
    tokyo_store (0.3.0) Tokyo Tyrant rails session store
  5. 14,180 downloads
    tokyotyrant (1.13) Tokyo Tyrant is a package of network interface to the DBM called Tokyo Cabinet. Though the DBM h...
  6. 14,038 downloads
    tokyo_wrapper (0.1.11) Collection of convenient methods written on the top of rufus/tokyo to access Tokyo Cabinet
  7. 3,690 downloads
    tol (0.0.11) A collection of tools used at Take Off Labs for Rails development
  8. 882 downloads
    to_lambda (0.0.1) This is a bullshit solution to a simple problem of converting proc to lambda, since a good soluti...
  9. 16,200 downloads
    to_lang (0.3.1) Adds language translation methods to strings and arrays, backed by the Google Translate API
  10. 4,835 downloads
    to_latex (0.5.0) Adds #to_latex to integers and strings. Works like html_safe in Rails, it escapes special charact...
  11. 1,302 downloads
    tolerances (1.0.0) Provides a Tolerance object and a Tolerances collection to facilitate specifying and analyzing va...
  12. 1,291 downloads
    tolerate_json (0.0.3) A JSON formatter written in pure Ruby that works "good enough" and has no gem dependencies. 60% o...
  13. 27,907 downloads
    tolk (1.5.1) Tolk is a web interface for doing i18n translations packaged as an engine for Rails applications.
  14. 2,709 downloads
    toll_booth (0.2.0) API Wrapper for Google Directions
  15. 1,049 downloads
    to_lookup_hash (0.0.2) Adds methods for converting enumerables to lookup hashes
  16. 6,017 downloads
    tom (0.3.1) Tom uses Goliath to dispatch HTTP requests to multiple other APIs (via Adapters) in parallel. In...
  17. 1,076 downloads
    tomahawk (0.0.4) Tomahawk parses and generates Apache 2 configuration files.
  18. 1,202 downloads
    tomate (1.0.0) Starts a Pomodoro timer and notifies via notify-send.
  19. 1,315 downloads
    tomato (0.0.1.prealpha2) Leverages Google's V8 JavaScript library to interface Ruby code with JavaScript code.
  20. 521 downloads
    tomatoharvest (0.1.1) Command line pomodoro timer that logs to Harvest.
  21. 511 downloads
    tomato_paste (0.0.2) A concentrated version of the Pomodoro technique written in Ruby just for you (and me) to use on ...
  22. 4,648 downloads
    tomato_power (0.1.4) RottenTomatoes API wrapper
  23. 475 downloads
    tomayo ( adds yo! to string
  24. 409 downloads
    tom_bio (0.0.1) This gem tells you about me
  25. 4,327 downloads
    tomcap (1.2.1) Capistrano tasks which allow you to quickly and easily deploy Java WAR files located in remote re...
  26. 394 downloads
    tomcat_log_parser (1.0.1) Parser for Tomcat catalina.out and access log
  27. 5,775 downloads
    tomcat-manager (0.0.6) Library for interacting with the tomcat manager web application.
  28. 20,756 downloads
    tomdoc (0.2.5) TomDoc is flexible code documentation with human readers in mind. The tomdoc gem is a Ruby li...
  29. 531 downloads
    tomdoccery (0.0.1) tomdoccery
  30. 1,039 downloads
    tomdz-jira4r ( JIRA Soap Interface Gem