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  1. 14,236 downloads
    to_api (1.2.1) Helper for simplifying JSON api creation.
  2. 10,983 downloads
    to_ascii_latex (0.1.3) Convert text to ascii-safe latex
  3. 21,210 downloads
    toast (0.8.14) Toast is an extension to Ruby on Rails that lets you expose any ActiveRecord model as a resource ...
  4. 962 downloads
    toaster (0.0.1) Toaster warms your Rails cache by spidering a list of URLs and/or Sitemaps
  5. 24,831 downloads
    toastr-rails (1.0.3) Toastr: Simple javascript toast notifications, plugged into the rails asset pipeline.
  6. 2,989 downloads
    toastr-rails-sass (2.0.1) Toastr: Simple javascript toast notifications, plugged into the rails asset pipeline.
  7. 926 downloads
    toastyapps-excelsior (0.0.6) A Ruby gem that uses C bindings to read CSV files superfast. I'm totally serial!
  8. 2,307 downloads
    toastyapps-gembox ( Gembox allows you to create a sandbox for installing and using gems by way of an interactive shell.
  9. 1,545 downloads
    toastyapps-migratory (0.0.10) Rails migration extender for default values and adding indexes
  10. 889 downloads
    to_b (0.0.2) Converts strings and fixnum to boolean
  11. 5,826 downloads
    tobacco (0.0.7) Url content fetcher and file writer
  12. 1,545 downloads
    tobi (1.0.1) Simple sinatra application generator.
  13. 309 downloads
    tobias-actionmailer_host_autoset (0.3.0) Sets :host for url_for calls within ActionMailer. A repackaged and renamed version of http://gith...
  14. 314 downloads
    tobias-cache_value (0.3.0) Easy value caching
  15. 163 downloads
    tobias-codex (1.0.3) Simple tool for creating source-code intensive presentations and courses
  16. 313 downloads
    tobias-credit_card_validator (0.1.0) A gem that provides credit card validation. It is basically a ruby port of the javascript credit ...
  17. 2,237 downloads
    tobias-jmx (0.8) Install this gem and require 'jmx' to load the library.
  18. 1,088 downloads
    tobias-jmxjr (0.4) Install this gem and require 'jmx' to load the library.
  19. 7,662 downloads
    tobias-rack-webconsole (0.1.5) Rack-based console inside your web applications - this is a fork of
  20. 1,573 downloads
    tobias-railroad (0.10.0) A DOT diagram generator for Ruby on Rail applications
  21. 462 downloads
    tobias-script_finder (0.2.0) A gem that provides tools to find and execute scripts in a project.
  22. 312 downloads
    tobias-server_remote (0.2.0) A gem that provides script/remote to a project for executing remote commands.
  23. 1,039 downloads
    tobias-sinatra-respond_to (0.6.0) A respond_to style Rails block for baked-in web service support in Sinatra
  24. 6,034 downloads
    tobias-sinatra-url-for (0.2.1) Construct absolute paths and full URLs for a Sinatra application
  25. 168 downloads
    tobias-zendesk_remote_auth (0.9.0) See the README.
  26. 172 downloads
    tobi-cached (0.5.0) Small trial project that attempts to accelerate common active record like operations without too ...
  27. 163 downloads
    tobi-delayed_job (1.7.0) Delated_job (or DJ) encapsulates the common pattern of asynchronously executing longer tasks in t...
  28. 162 downloads
    tobi-liquid (2.0.1) A secure non evaling end user template engine with aesthetic markup.
  29. 154 downloads
    tobimoku_studio_game (1.0.0) This is the game I made following the exercises in the Pragmatic Studios Ruby Course. Run studi...
  30. 919 downloads
    tobinibot-acts_as_amazing (0.0.6) acts_as_amazing is just a little gem I'm playing with to learn about creating gems