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  1. 1,881 downloads
    trackit_scraper (2.1.1) Screen scrapes data from the Track-It help desk web application.
  2. 1,645 downloads
    trackless_triggers (0.2.1) Adds support for MySQL triggers and functions in ActiveRecord
  3. 426 downloads
    tracklist (0.1.0) Tracklist is a simple command line application to parse Tracktor nml files into simple text track...
  4. 53,078 downloads
    trackman (0.6.18) Trackman hosts your maintenances and app-down pages (503s) and lets you keep them in your current...
  5. 720 downloads
    trackme (0.0.21) Simple user activity tracking
  6. 2,394 downloads
    track_me (0.0.4) Easy way to add a metric system using javascript and known metric saas
  7. 1,296 downloads
    track_method (0.0.1) Tracks how long a method takes, and logs with color highlighting expensive method calls.
  8. 23,632 downloads
    trackoid (0.4.0) Trackoid uses an embeddable approach to track analytics data using the poweful features of MongoD...
  9. 835 downloads
    track-plugins (0.0.1) Plugin collection for the rack based nano framework Track, currently containing ActiveRecord and ...
  10. 910 downloads
    trackr (0.0.1) Track what pages your users are viewing.
  11. 8,041 downloads
    track-r (1.9.2) track-r is a library that provides wrapper classes and methods for accessing PivotalTracker's pub...
  12. 1,965 downloads
    trackrepos (1.0.2) Uses yaml configuration files to track and update collections of external git repositories
  13. 2,197 downloads
    tracks (0.2.1) A bare-bones Ruby HTTP server that talks Rack and uses a thread per connection model of concurrency.
  14. 1,737 downloads
    tracks-attributes (1.1.1) Sometimes you just need to know what your accessors are at runtime, like when you're writing a co...
  15. 99,070 downloads
    tracksperanto (3.4.1) Converts 2D track exports between different apps like Flame, MatchMover, PFTrack...
  16. 1,223 downloads
    tracks_visits (0.1.0) Rails: Track unique and total visits/viewings of an ActiveRecord resource based on user/account o...
  17. 844 downloads
    track_tweets (0.0.3) API for track_tweets service (monitoring tweet stats)
  18. 5,741 downloads
    trackzor (0.1.5) Track ATTR_updated_at and ATTR_updated_by
  19. 14,244 downloads
    traco (3.1.0) Translatable columns for Rails 3 or better, stored in the model table itself.
  20. 35,459 downloads
    tractor (0.5.0) Very simple object mappings for ruby objects
  21. 8,110 downloads
    trac-wiki (0.3.10) TracWiki markup language render ( ).
  22. 2,057 downloads
    tradeking (0.0.3) Ruby wrapper for a Tradeking API
  23. 7,995 downloads
    trades (1.0.3) Displays the trading data that Bitcoincharts monitors nicely
  24. 844 downloads
    trade_watcher (1.0.1) TradeWatcher is a gem that notifies you when / if a stock's value has met or exceeded your target...
  25. 686 downloads
    tradier (0.3.0) Rubygem for interacting with the Tradier API.
  26. 592 downloads
    trading_formulas (0.0.2) Technical Analysis and Option trading formulas for financial instruments
  27. 2,323 downloads
    tradingrobotdsl (0.0.2) This is an alpha test quality release. I specifically DO NOT recommend that it be used for live t...
  28. 3,827 downloads
    tradsim (0.5.1) A Ruby gem for translation between Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese.
  29. 750 downloads
    traduco (0.9.1) Traduco is a command line tool for managing your strings and their translations. It is geare...
  30. 1,140 downloads
    traduction (0.0.3) Simple tool to ease synchronization of locale files