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  1. 9,592 downloads
    tokener (3.4.0) Generates string tokens as alternative IDs for easy reference with support for ActiveRecord and u...
  2. 4,192 downloads
    token_field (1.1.0) Form helper with how to section for using token input jquery plugin in application
  3. 656 downloads
    token_for (0.0.3) Uses Rails 4.1's verifiers to provide stateless token functionality.
  4. 148 downloads
    token_generator (0.0.1) Generates friendly (to urls and humans) tokens
  5. 3,132 downloads
    tokenie (0.0.3) Generation a friendly token randomically
  6. 4,104 downloads
    tokenifier (0.1.2) Tokenifier is a Gibberish gem wrapper. It provides an aproach to encrypt and decrypt structures l...
  7. 554 downloads
    tokenify (0.0.1) tokenify is a utility class to generate and decrypt tokens using AES-256 encryption
  8. 1,659 downloads
    tokenize (1.0) Quick Dirty Token generation by Nick Merwin ( 11.29.2009
  9. 5,122 downloads
    tokenizer (0.1.1) A simple multilingual tokenizer for NLP tasks. This tool provides a CLI and a library for linguis...
  10. 960 downloads
    tokenizer_project_uni-trier_j-v (0.0.1) A simple multilingual tokenizer for NLP tasks. This tool provides a CLI and a library for linguis...
  11. 961 downloads
    TokenizerProjectUT (0.0.1) A simple multilingual tokenizer for NLP tasks. This tool provides a CLI and a library for linguis...
  12. 3,079 downloads
    tokenizes (0.1.1) This gem provides the tokenizes(relation) method for Models to specify their tokenized resources ...
  13. 1,035 downloads
    token_of_fire (0.0.3) Celluloid based Events manager (experimental)
  14. 4,732 downloads
    token_phrase (1.0.6) A token-phrase generator
  15. 9,973 downloads
    tokenr (0.1.7) Find and tokenise files!
  16. 8,444 downloads
    tokens (2.1.1) Generate named tokens on your ActiveRecord models.
  17. 110 downloads
    token_string (0.3.0) Provides a way to deal with CamelCase, snake_case and more in a more elegant way then ActiveSuppo...
  18. 268 downloads
    tokfile (0.0.0) A tool for working with common tokamak file formats from tools like EFIT, CHEASE, TRANSP, CRONOS ...
  19. 1,571 downloads
    toki (1.0.0) Toki is a DSL that helps you to implement Ruby version, patchlevel, engine and platform specific ...
  20. 2,938 downloads
    TokiCLI (0.3.0) command-line client: read your Toki data from the local database or from the bac...
  21. 3,712 downloads
    tokiyomi (0.1.0) Japanese relative date/time string parser.
  22. 161 downloads
    tokland-bicingbcn (0.1) BicingBCN is a simple module to interface Barcelona Bicing services
  23. 3,850 downloads
    tokn (0.1.1) Given a script containing token descriptions (each a regular expression), tokn compiles an autom...
  24. 1,668 downloads
    tokusub (1.0.0) fetch tokusub menu
  25. 27,701 downloads
    tokyocabinet (1.29.1) Tokyo Cabinet is a library of routines for managing a database. The database is a simple d...
  26. 9,938 downloads
    tokyo_cache_cow (0.0.11) This rubygem does not have a description or summary.
  27. 1,303 downloads
    tokyocafe (0.0.2) TokyoCafe is a set of classes to help you talk to TokyoCabinet ( ...
  28. 1,381 downloads
    tokyomessenger (0.5) A C based TokyoTyrant Ruby adapter that doesn't require TokyoCabinet or TokyoTyrant to be installed
  29. 1,346 downloads
    tokyo_store (0.3.0) Tokyo Tyrant rails session store
  30. 14,605 downloads
    tokyotyrant (1.13) Tokyo Tyrant is a package of network interface to the DBM called Tokyo Cabinet. Though the DBM h...