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  1. 1,682 downloads
    undestroyable (0.0.2) An aim or this gem is to provide an agile and comfortable way for Ruby developers to get rid of u...
  2. 8,733 downloads
    undies (3.0.0) A pure-Ruby DSL for streaming templated HTML, XML, or plain text.
  3. 312 downloads
    undns (0.4.0h) Undns parses router host names to extract geographic location and other apparent information with...
  4. 2,670 downloads
    undo (1.0.0) The Undo restores previous object state. Lightweight, modular and very flexible library that wor...
  5. 1,996 downloads
    undo-serializer-active_model (0.2.2) ActiveModel serializer for Undo gem. Does not require anything from Rails so is friendly to use w...
  6. 1,280 downloads
    undo-serializer-primitive (0.1.0) Serializer for primitives for Undo gem.
  7. 948 downloads
    undo-storage-rails_cache (0.1.0) Rails.cache storage adapter for Undo. Does not depend on Rails and can be used with any similarl...
  8. 1,419 downloads
    undo-storage-redis (0.1.0) Redis storage adapter for Undo
  9. 327 downloads
    undo-wrapper (0.0.1) Observes changes and stores object state before the change
  10. 2,750 downloads
    undress (0.1.1) Simply translate HTML to Textile, Markdown, or whatever other markup format you need
  11. 6,784 downloads
    unencumbered (0.2.0) You got Cucumber in my RSpec!
  12. 241 downloads
    unenviable (0.2.0) Makes ENV vars easier to keep track of in distributed development
  13. 7,441 downloads
    unextendable (0.1.7) Unextendable originated from the thought of being able to implement the State pattern within obje...
  14. 2,455,460 downloads
    unf (0.1.4) This is a wrapper library to bring Unicode Normalization Form support to Ruby/JRuby.
  15. 2,319,012 downloads
    unf_ext (0.0.6) Unicode Normalization Form support library for CRuby
  16. 3,794 downloads
    unfickle (0.2.0) Help clean up code by using unfickle for constant declaration
  17. 1,350 downloads
    unfold (1.1.2) Dead simple git deployment with minimal config.
  18. 1,427 downloads
    unfuddle (0.1.1) Integrates your rails app with Unfuddle API and Rack
  19. 6,097 downloads
    unfuddle_my_email (0.2.2) Post emails from POP server as Unfuddle Tickets.
  20. 6,323 downloads
    unfuddler (0.0.4) Provides a simple Ruby API to Unfuddle.
  21. 1,384 downloads
    ungarbled (0.0.10) Ungarble multibyte download filename on certain platform. Rails integration included.
  22. 1,087 downloads
    ungodly (0.9.2) Rake task generator for the God gem
  23. 29,065 downloads
    ungulate (0.2.1) = Ungulate According to Wikipedia, this can mean "hoofed animal". Camels have hooves. This is a...
  24. 1,277 downloads
    unhaddins ( Unofficial NHibernate AddIns
  25. 7,448 downloads
    unhappymapper (0.5.0) Object to XML Mapping Library, using Nokogiri (fork from John Nunemaker's Happymapper)
  26. 3,800 downloads
    uni (0.1.0) Simple interface de la orce, para consultar informacion publica y privada de un alumno
  27. 791 downloads
    unicache (0.0.3) UniCache is a universal purpose cache with Least Recently Used replacement policy by default. Cac...
  28. 419 downloads
    unicafe (0.0.3) Gem for fetching Unicafe lunch data
  29. 5,001 downloads
    unichars (0.5) Unichars is a wrapper around Glib2 UTF8 functions.
  30. 345,529 downloads
    unicode ( Unicode normalization library.